Europe’s youngest app developer kicked out of school for hacking its computer network

A computer whizkid from south-west England has been expelled from his school for hacking into its computer network. Aaron Bond, 14, also hit the headlines last year when he was declared "Europe's youngest app developer."

Why are companies defecting from Google Maps?

First Foursquare and now Apple are scaling back their use of Google Maps. Why are major players starting to back way from Google's nearly ubiquitous mapping service?

Google Chrome gets pwned (twice!) at Pwn2Own

The previously invulnerable Google Chrome was among the first to fall at this year's Pwn2Own contest, although only one attack is collecting the $60,000 bounty.

The new iPad 3: Everything you should know

Our complete rundown of the newly announced new iPad from Apple (iPad 3). The Retina display, quad-core graphics processor, iSight, iPhoto and more detailed.
Product Review

Acer Aspire M3970 Review

Acer Aspire M3970 Review.

Facebook Messenger desktop app gets official, keeps you constantly tuned in

To feed the social networking addiction, Facebook officially released its Facebook Messaging application that sits on your Windows 7 desktop.
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Another month, another critical Flash security update

Adobe has rushed out yet another critical security fix for Flash on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, Google Chrome OS — and Android.

Eye tracking evolution: A look at Tobii’s slim new IS-2, glasses-free 3D gaming, and the future

Today, Tobii announced a newer, smaller, better eye tracking device that can be used in consumer devices as well as a partnership that could greatly enhance glasses-free 3D. We spoke with the company about its plans and where eye control is…

Square goes after the traditional cash register using the iPad

While small business owners spend thousands of dollars a year on maintaining slow, outdated point-of-sale systems, Square is rolling out an elegant solution with the help of the iPad.

Raspberry Pi mini computer sells out after taking 700 orders per second

The Raspberry Pi finally went on sale last week, with interest in the tiny computer so huge that the two websites selling the device crashed. In fact, orders were coming in at the rate of 700 per second.

Abu Dhabi takes full control of AMD former chipmaking unit

The Abu Dhabi government has taken full ownership GlobalFoundries, AMD's former microchip manufacturing facility — but AMD will remain a primary customer.

Viral video: Amazing iPad 3 concept includes 3D holograms

With the announcement of the iPad 3 just a few days away, a 3D animation studio is taking advantage of the excitement over the new product launch with a futuristic, concept video of the popular tablet.