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Western justice: Utah judge deals Aereo its first big loss

A Utah court issued the first major legal defeat for online streaming service, Aereo, resulting in an injunction against the service in the west. Click the link to find out where the decision takes effect, and what this means for the…

LibreOffice open source Office suite gets bumped to version 4.2.1

The Document Foundation, home to OpenOffice and LibreOffice, has released the latest version of the latter open source productivity suite. Read on to learn more about the changes here.

Office Web Apps get rebranded as Office Online

First, SkyDrive got the renaming treatment. Now, Microsoft renamed Office Web Apps, too. Read on to learn more about how Redmond decided to rename Office Web Apps to Office Online here.

Google Maps update coming to desktops ‘over the coming weeks’

A significant Google Maps update will grace the desktops of many a user very soon, and comes with a new set of features. Read on to learn more about the stuff coming in Google's Maps desktop refresh.

Best online fax services

Even though they're a bit old-school nowadays, sometimes you still need to send a fax. That can be difficult if you don't have a fax machine. Here's how you can send a fax using an online-based service.

Google Fiber may head to 34 more cities in the near future

Google Fiber, which offers super fast Internet service at multiple rates, could be coming to a bunch more cities as early as next year. Read on to learn more about which cities could get the Google Fiber treatment in 2015.

FCC to bring net neutrality back from the dead with new ‘open Internet’ rules

The Federal Communications Commission said today that it plans to create new "network neutrality' rules that will keep Internet service providers from favoring certain types of traffic.

SkyDrive is now officially called OneDrive, and it comes with free cloud storage

SkyDrive is now officially no more, and has been renamed to OneDrive after a naming dispute with UK broadcasting and ISP giant Sky forced Microsoft to make a name change. Read on to learn more here.

This iPad case lets you use it like a laptop and adds a full keyboard in as well

If you love your iPad but wish it had a physical, full QWERTY keyboard, you might want to check out the Pi Dock-It Pro. It also serves as a protective case, and can put your iPad in laptop mode. Read on to learn more here.

Digital Storm offers systems with new Nvidia Titan Black, 750 Ti, 750 cards

As of today, you can configure a Digital Storm PC with any of Nvidia's newest graphics cards. Read on to learn more about Digital Storm's latest offerings here.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti is a big deal, and here’s why

Though Nvidia revealed three graphics cards today, the GeForce GTX Titan Black, GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GeForce GTX 750, the 750 Ti stands out to us for a couple of reasons. Read on to learn more here.

Nvidia reveals new Titan Black, 750Ti, 750 Maxwell graphics cards

Nvidia took the wraps off of its three newest graphics cards, two of which are aimed at the mid-range market, while the other targets power-users. Read on to learn more here.