Helpouts: Google’s video-based e-commerce platform is for real, now looking for experts

Talk of Helpouts first hit the Web last month, with Google on Tuesday confirming the existence of the e-commerce platform. The online marketplace, which will enable individuals and businesses to offer lessons over live video, should launch…

Google begins integrating Waze’s real-time traffic reports into its Maps app

A couple of months after Google acquired socially sourced navigation app Waze, the company has started to incorporate some of its features into Google Maps for both Android and iOS.

Facebook partners with tech companies to expand global Internet access

Looking for more effective ways to branch out into emerging markets around the globe, Facebook and other tech companies have entered into a partnership to reduce the cost of bringing Internet access to impoverished countries.

Microsoft reportedly shutting down Games for Windows Live July 2014

Microsoft is said to be shutting down its Games for Windows Live service on July 1, 2014. A message, which has since been taken down, was posted to a support page revealing that information.

Do everything in your browser with these 25 awesome webapps

Why download and install a bunch of desktop software when you can get the same things done with webapps? We've rounded up 25 of the best ones on the Internet so that you'll never have to leave the comfortable confines of your browser ever…

UK authorities forget how computers work, smash a MacBook Pro to stop Snowden leaks

Heard of email? How about the cloud? Or file copying? Yes? Because apparently U.K. authorities haven't, as they smashed a MacBook Pro owned by the Guardian newspaper in an attempt to stop reporting on NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

Turns out, nobody wants to touch Windows 8 (and Microsoft is screwed)

A recent remark from an IDC analyst puts touchscreen market share at a projected 15 percent (or less) by the end of 2013. There's now plenty of options on the market, but consumers still aren't buying. Does this mean Windows 8's focus on…

Now you can Skype straight from your account

Though available for preview in the UK the past few months, Microsoft officially launched Skype integration within today, making it available in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Brazil, France, and Germany.

6 ways to repurpose a retired PC

Chances are, you have an old computer lying around in your closet just collecting dust, but its glory days aren't over. There are plenty of uses for an old computer that could possibly fill a void in your computing needs.

Asus rumor mill churns with leaked 10.1-inch VivoBook and alleged Chromebook

Asus may be done with Windows RT, but rumors of Asus's new 10.1-inch VivoBook X102BA swirl alongside talk of Asus' first ever Chromebook. Will September bring two new products from Asus?

Apple’s Mac Pro ad campaign, coming soon to a theater near you

This weekend, teasers for Apple's new Mac Pro started showing up in U.S. movie theater previews. Though the company still doesn't give an exact date, do the previews suggest a dual launch with the new iPhone is imminent?

Turn yourself into a collectible lifelike figurine with 60 DSLRs and a 3D printer

Newfangled 3D printers aren't just for making simple household goods anymore. Using an elaborate setup of 60 DSLRs a photo studio in Texas 3D creates lifelike miniature figurine selfies. Most popular request? Wedding toppers.