Lenovo ThinkPad Helix starts shipping, Seton Hall University gets first batch

The WIndows 8 Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is finally available ... that is, to Seton Hall students and faculty who will be using the Windows 8 hybrid with its detachable screen for school next year. Still, there's no sign yet for when the laptop…
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DT Deals: Do you like malware? Bitdefender didn’t think so

Today's DT Deals offers 33 percent off the Bitdefender software for either Mac or Windows operation systems, so you can keep your computer virus-free. No arguments there - nobody likes malware anyway.
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Acer AT3-600-UR11 Review

Acer AT3-600-UR11 Review.

Rumor: Acer’s Iconia W3 is probably the first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet

Leaked images of Acer's 8-inch Iconia W3 show it running Windows 8. This comes after Microsoft's hints last week about smaller Windows 8 devices to come in the very near future.

$45 BeagleBone Black is a more powerful Raspberry Pi alternative

BeagleBone Black is a $45 single-board, mini-computer that packs a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 2GB of on-board storage with a micro-SD Card slot that can handle everything from Android to robot-making projects.

Meet the world’s thinnest and lightest laptop: Taiwan’s Inhon Blade 13 Carbon

NEC's Lavie X is no longer the thinnest and lightest laptop in the world. That title now belongs to Inhon's Blade 13 Carbon, which is 10.7mm thin and 1.9 pounds light, and will be coming to Taiwan this June.

Acer’s new laptop doubles as the Enterprise in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ teaser

A yet-to-be-announced Acer Windows 8 laptop with a new hinge design stars as the USS Enterprise in a 30-second-long teaser for the upcoming 'Star Trek Into Darkness' from J. J. Abrams.

Don’t call it a comeback: Asus intros new $299 netbook

Just last week we reported that the netbook category was all but dead. This week, Asus is throwing us for a loop by introducing the 1015E, a 10-inch netbook with a budget-friendly $299 price tag

Windows 8.1 might have a Start button, but no Start menu

An increasing number of reports about Window 8.1 or Windows Blue have been coming out lately, the latest of which indicates that the upcoming operating system might bring back the Start button but forego the Start menu.

Leap Motion controller brings Google Earth to your fingertips

To coincide with Earth Day, Google is adding Leap Motion support to Google Earth 7.1, which means you'll soon be able to explorer the planet with your fingers – that is, if you can get your hands on a device when they become available on…
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HP 27xi Review

HP 27xi Review.

Gadget graveyards: Behind the scenes at electronic-recycling plants

Ever wonder what happens to that old laptop you so honorably took to the electronic recycling center? Just in time for Earth Day, electronic recyclers from Chicago, New York, and California spill their secrets on cleaning up the world's…