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Acer Aspire R7 (late 2013) Review

Acer Aspire R7 (late 2013) review.

Acer intros $199 19.5-inch LED touch monitor just in time for the holidays

Acer's $199 19.5-inch touch monitor sports 1600 X 900 resolution and offers a relatively cheap option if you're tired of attempting to marry your non-touch enabled monitor with Windows 8.

Tabs make their return to Yahoo Mail

After dealing with harsh realities and untold amounts of frustration, Yahoo Mail has some good news for their users. Read on to learn more about the reintroduction of an old Mail feature.

Three ways Kim Jong Un could’ve threatened South Korea in a more tech savvy way

Nobody will ever accuse North Korea of being on the cutting edge of technology. But using fax as a way to threaten neighboring countries. That's deserving of a hearty "C'mon, man!"

MacBook iSight hack lets snoops spy on you without turning on the cam light

We all know that the Internet is full of creeps, stalkers and other folks that you need to side step. If you have an Apple device with an iSight camera, you might want to read up on this exploit used by such crowds to stare at people…

Pirate Bay pulls up anchors again, sets sail for Sweden

After the Pirate Bay moved to Peru, then jumped to Guyana yesterday, the ultra-popular torrent site has had to set sail and depart yet again. Now, they're back in Sweden, adopting the .se domain.

New Apple Mac Pro delayed from Dec. 30 to February

After initially stating that the redesigned Mac Pro desktop will begin shipping to buyers starting December 30, that is no longer the case. Read on to learn more about the Mac Pro delay.

Washington Post hacked again, Chinese origin suspected

After sustaining a cyber attack in August at the hands of the Syrian Electronic Army, along with other intrusions in the past several years, the Washington Post has been hacked again.

Are you sitting down? The most expensive new Apple Mac Pro costs $9,600

No matter how you set it up, the new Apple Mac Pro doesn't come cheap, with a base price of $2,999. However, if you decide to configure it with top-of-the-line parts, you're getting into new car territory.

New Apple Mac Pro goes on sale today: Which setup is right for you?

Starting today, Apple is making the revamped Mac Pro desktop available for purchase. However, there are multiple configuration options available for you to choose from. We go through the choices here.
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To the moon! Dogecoin fetches 300 percent jump in value in 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin alternative Dogecoin – a meme-based digital currency apparently created as a joke – jumped more than 300 percent in value, rising from $0.00026 on Wednesday morning to $0.00095 per Dogecoin, as of…

Microsoft pulls Surface Pro 2 firmware update as users complain of issues

More than a week after issuing a firmware update for the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has decided to pull it following user complaints that it's causing issues with the tablet. The company said it won't push out a new update until "after the…