Why is the former head of the NSA convinced Huawei is a threat to the US?

A former head of the NSA says China's Huawei is a threat to the United States security - but nothing's ever been proven. Is Huawei just a scapegoat?
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DT Deals: Who needs wires when you can get a Bluetooth keyboard?

USB cable connection? Who needs that? This Urge Basics ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard offers the convenience of real typing - no autocorrect required - and gets rid of unnecessary wires.

Apple TV vs. Chromecast: Which belongs in your home theater?

Google unveiled a brand new streaming device called Chromecast. But how does it stack up against the already established streamer, Apple TV, and does Chromecast offer any unique features?

We (still) love Apple! Americans vote tech giant ‘brand of the year’ across three categories

The latest Harris poll sees Apple riding high among American consumers, with the company occupying the top spot across three categories (computer, tablet and phone) in 'brand of the year' rankings.

Dongle deal demise: Chromecast-Netflix promotion ends following ‘overwhelming demand’

Well, that didn’t last long. The three-months-for-free Netflix deal offered with Google’s new Chromecast gadget is no longer available following “overwhelming demand” for the Web giant's new dongle.
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Sony Vaio Pro 13 Review

Sony Vaio Pro 13 review.
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Epson Expression Home XP-410 Review

Epson Expression Home XP-410 review.

What’s so revolutionary about Chromecast? It’s cheaper than a tank of gas

Google's new Chromecast can't do a lot yet, but at $35, it's already worth the investment. Could this small, cheap HDMI dongle revolutionize the TV set-top box market?

Plug transforms an external hard drive into your own personal cloud

Marketed as an easy way to setup private file storage between your computers and mobile devices, Plug provides all the conveniences of Dropbox while increasing the security of your data.

Pimp my MacBook: 10 best MacBook Pro accessories

There are many reasons to love the MacBook Pro, but sometimes the built-in specs and features just don't cut it. Here are some of our picks for the best MacBook Pro accessories, from hard drives to hookups, to make the most out of Apple's…

Don’t want to wait for Windows 8.1? Here’s how to install Preview today

Let's face it; Windows 8 has its issues. Luckily, Windows 8.1 fixes a lot of these problems. Don't want to wait until Windows 8.1 is released this fall? Here's how to download and install Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Preview today.

Hands on: SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 sees improvements, but still needs work

We spent some time with the updated SkyDrive in Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Preview. SkyDrive now lets users share Office files, doubles as a local File Explorer, and shows up as just another drive on Desktop.