Hackers already targeting vulnerable XP users

Just days after support for Windows XP ended, a variety of threats are appearing online — watch out for third-party tools that ostensibly patch your XP system but which can't be trusted.
Product Review

Acer TA272HUL Review

Acer TA272HUL review.

Which Cisco routers, modems and networking gear are affected by and safe from the Heartbleed bug?

Some Cisco gear is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug, some isn't, and some are still being investigated by the company. You can learn more about what's affected and what isn't here.

More rumors point to 12-Inch Macbook Air with Retina coming late this year

Even more evidence has surfaced suggesting Apple will introduce a new 12-inch Macbook Air sporting a retina display late this year. Learn more here.

Did the NSA exploit the Heartbleed bug for years?

A Bloomberg report states that the National Security Agency was fully aware of the Heartbleed bug, and used the flaw for its own purposes. Learn more here.

This Heartbleed Bug is going to turn me into a hermit

Heartbleed affects pretty much everyone, any of your data could have been taken, and none of us were at fault. So why do we entrust our entire lives to this thing called 'the Internet' again?

Silent birds: 44 percent of Twitter users have never tweeted

If you live-tweet everything from your lunch to your horrible date, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re more rare than previously thought. A report found that 44 percent of the 974 million users on Twitter have never tweeted.

How the Heartbleed bug works, as explained by a Web comic

In just four frames, the popular web comic xkcd puts together an eloquent explanation how the now-infamous Heartbleed bug works. Hit the jump to see it.
Home Theater

The Tablo records and streams free over-the-air HDTV to nearly any device

Nuvyyo, a Canadian startup based in Ottawa, has officially launched the Tablo to the U.S. market, a set top box with DVR capabilities that can stream and record free over-the-air (OTA) TV channels to the iPad, Android tablets, PCs, Macs and…

Sony Vaio Fit 11A batteries may go blammo, company warns users

Sony’s support team issued a warning Friday morning to users of the convertible Vaio Fit 11A, noting that batteries in the computer (provided by a third party, the company was quick to note) are liable to overheat, resulting in burns.

Here’s a list of websites allegedly affected by the Heartbleed bug (updated)

The Heartbleed Bug appears to be tainting an enormous number of popular sites, including OkCupid, Yahoo, Slate, Redtube and others. You can learn more here.

People should ‘Stop all transactions for a few days,’ due to Heartbleed, security exec says

An executive at a network security firm has a chilling warning for all Internet-based consumers. Learn more about what he has to say here.