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Lenovo ThinkPad T440s Review

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s review.

Acer takes the wraps off a new 21.5-inch, sub-$800 AIO PC

Acer just revealed its new Aspire Z3-600, which sports a 21.5-inch display, an Intel CPU and much more. Perhaps best of all, it'll hardly drain your wallet, which we known you'll appreciate considering we're in the middle of the holiday…

There’s two right ways to go with the new USB connectors coming next year

By this time next year, the idea of plugging in a USB cable the wrong way will be a thing of the past. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group just revealed that new reversible USB 3.1 cables are on the way.

Hackers scamming Virgin Media consumers with phishing emails

Phishing attempts are nothing new. Virgin Media's user base is the latest to be hit by such attempts to steal user data. Here's the scoop on the attacks and what you should look for to make sure you don't fall prey.
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Zombie drone hack reminds us why flying robots are terrifying

Just days after Amazon and UPS revealed potential plans to deliver packages using drones, hacker Samy Kamkar has created a system, dubbed SkyJack, that enables a person to use their personal UAV to take over other drones.

Facebook to track user data to stop piracy?

Facebook just acquired a patent that will allow it to track some of the data provided by its users in an effort to combat illegal file sharing activities occurring over the social network.

Hotfile shuts down permanently after settlement with MPAA

After the MPAA and file sharing service Hotfile reached a settlement totaling tens of millions of dollars, Hotfile has decided to shut its doors permanently, making the announcement on its official site.

Hotfile ordered to pay MPAA $80M in settlement

The MPAA initially wanted Hotfile to pay a freakishly massive sum of money for allowing people to use it to pirate movies. Instead, the MPAA merely got several dump trucks full of money for their trouble.

How to block pop ups using a Firefox browser addon

If you spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet, you may regard pop up ads as your biggest enemy and the bane of your existence. If you happen to use Firefox, follow this guide on how to severely limit the pop ups you run into.

Is wireless charging coming to the iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook?

Apple's products already carry premium price tags. Of course, that's no secret. But what would happen to those asking prices if they each included the ability to be powered wirelessly?

Never explain anything about the Internet ever again with this instructional GIF maker

Sick of explaining how to do things online to your friends and family? Save yourself the potential time, energy, and frustration and let LICEcap do the instructing for you.

Research firm IDC expects PC shipments to fall again drastically this year

PC shipments are expected to fall even faster than initially expected according to a prominent market research firm, partly due to the fact that consumers have changed their spending patterns.