Firefox 4 Beta Download: What’s New and Worthwhile

We peek under the hood of Mozilla's Firefox 4 beta download to find out what’s coming next from the SUV of Web browsers, including enhanced security, tabs on top, and revamped add-ons.

AMD to Retire ATI Graphics Brand

AMD has decided to retire the ATI graphics brand, deciding its own name can better compete with Nvidia.

Intel Buying Infineon Wireless Biz for $1.4 Bln

After agreed to pay $7.8 billion for McAfee, Intel is now buying Infineon's wireless business for another $1.4 billion.

New Digg Loses its Identity Further

Does the new Digg design let sites like Mashable and others easily overtake the Digg frontpage due to their massive audiences and social fans?

Paul Allen Sues Everybody

The Microsoft co-founder has filed suit against Google, Apple, Yahoo, Netflix, Facebook, and more, claiming that they are all violating patents owned by Allen’s defunct Interval Research.

Sony Reveals Video Streaming TV Set-top Unit

Sony's standalone SMP-N100 network media player emulates its Internet-enabled Blu-ray players and TVs by streaming Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and more, but will cost only $129.

Samsung 90 and 30 Series Blend LCD Monitor and HDTV

Samsung's 90 and 30 Series monitors offer full 1080p resolution, HDMI, and HDTV tuners...and they serve as desktop computer monitors.

HP and Dell in Outright Bidding War for 3Par

Dell decided to beat HP's $1.6 billion off for 3Par, but HP fired back with $1.8 billion. Then Dell fired back with $1.88 billion. See where this is going?

New iPod Touches Debuting September 1?

Apple has announced that it will holding a “special event” on September 1, which could bring an upgraded iPod Touch and possibly, the redesigned Apple TV.

Best Buy Taking Game Trade-Ins; Target Taking Games and Electronics

Retail giants Target and Best Buy have launched trade-in programs for video games...and Target is also taking back phones and mobile electronics.

3Par Accepts Dell’s Sweetened $1.6 Bln Offer

Dell has struck back, offering $1.6 billion to counter HP's $1.5 big for virtualization and cloud storage vendor 3Par.
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