Report: Chromebook use on par with Windows RT devices, and that’s not a good thing

It looks like Chromebooks are having as rough of a time as Windows RT devices right now. According to a recent report, only a fraction of a percent of users surfed the Web on a Chromebook last week.
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Razer Edge Pro Review

Razer Edge Pro Review.

American Airlines computer glitch grounds hundreds of flights today

Definitely a terrible day to be traveling on American Airlines, a software issue cut off access to the reservations system and forced the company to ground all flights for several hours earlier today.

Lenovo’s 27-inch IdeaCentre Horizon table PC now available starting at $1,699

Lenovo's IdeaCentre Horizon blew our minds when we first saw it at CES in January. It's an all-in-one, but it's also a home gaming hub for family game night. This unique machine is available today online starting at $1,699.

$99 UDOO mini ARM computer has 4 times the power of a Raspberry Pi

UDOO is the latest single-board computer to take Kickstarter by storm. For just $99, you can have an ARM-powered mini computer with Wi-Fi and Ethernet that supports both Android and Linux.

There is hope! Windows 8.1 may bring back the Start button

When a few lines of beta code surfaced on a Russian tech site yesterday, we saw evidence that Microsoft would begin letting users boot directly to the desktop. Today, rumor has it that Microsoft's also considering bringing back the…

Dell announces 13-inch Latitude 3330 laptop for students and schools

The 13.3-inch Latitude 3330 laptop from Dell is made for the high-tech classroom: it supports Wi-Di, multiple operating systems, and comes with security features that protect student data.

Leap Motion chooses HP to embed and bundle 3D motion-control into new devices

We talked to Leap Motion CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald yesterday who told us that Leap will be teaming up with HP as its first OEM to actually build the Leap technology into products.

Going the way of the Dodo bird: Netbooks will be extinct by 2015

Netbooks, we hardly knew ye. The market research firm IHS iSuppli has determined that by 2015, the netbook category will be dead and gone because new shipments will have ceased completely.

Brother helps Kodak cut some fat, picks up Document Imaging business for $210 million

Brother's acquisition of Kodak's Document Imaging business, pending court approval, will add scanners and scanning software to their portfolio. The sale is part of Kodak's effort to raise cash in order to exit bankruptcy protection.

Fujitsu makes paper interactive with touchscreen interface

Fujitsu Laboratories has come up with a way to bring touch and gesture controls to real-world objects like paper through its touchscreen interface using just a low-res webcam and projector.

Windows 8.1 could let you skip the Metro Start screen and go straight to desktop

Russian tech site Microsoft Portal found a line of code inside a beta version of Windows 8.1 that may let you bypass the Metro-tiled Start screen, and boot straight to Desktop Mode.