Toshiba unveils the Portege Z830, its first Ultrabook

Toshiba has revealed its first Ultrabook: the Portege Z830. The new laptop will be the thinnest 13-inch computer in the world.

Growing popularity of special desk makes standing the new sitting

Walk around some of the offices at Google and Facebook and you’ll notice the tops of some of the desks are really high off the ground. It’s not because some of the employees are really huge (though they may well be); it’s actually for…

Google’s Chrome Frame for IE ready for prime time

Google's Chrome Frame enables users of old versions of IE to run Chrome within Internet Explorer...and now it can be installed without admin privileges.

Hitachi, Sony, and Toshiba merging LCD businesses

Three major Japanese manufacturers are merging their LCD businesses to a government-backed firm to better compete with Taiwan and South Korea.

Hercules adds five new products to XPS line for fall

Multimedia speaker maker Hercules has released five new speakers aimed at students bound for school.

Cut the ribbon: Why Microsoft needs a fresh start with Windows 8

Microsoft has decided to integrate the Ribbon UI into Windows 8, making the legacy area of the OS more complicated as it tries to simplify it in others. Can Microsoft successfully pull Windows in two opposite directions?
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Datamation USB Hub can sync up to 49 iPads

It might seem like overkill, but if your organization uses a lot of iPads, being able to sync up to 49 at a time could be a real boon.

Pirate Bay founders say Bayfiles will respect copyright

Sure, Bayfiles is an online file sharing services founded by two of the folks behind Pirate Bay. But Bayfiles will respect copyright. Really!

Yes, it’s discontinued, but HP may offer more TouchPads for sale

HP's $99 TouchPad tablet was such a hit that, even though it's discontinued, it flew off retailer shelves. And HP might - just might - offer more of them.

Apple releases ‘iTunes Match’ beta cloud music service with streaming feature

Apple has released the beta version of its iTunes Match cloud music service to developers, and it includes one excellent feature nobody knew it would have: streaming.

Facebook pays bug hunters $40,000 in less than a month

The bug bounty program launched by Facebook three weeks ago, which pays independent security experts for highlighting security flaws in the platform of the social networking site, has paid out $40,000 in less than a month.