Google responds to cries of search favoritism from competitors

After rival sites vocally took issue with Google's search results, the search engine giant is defending its Places feature and the unbiased nature of its algorithms.

Google acquires mobile payments company Zetawire

It has been revealed that Google acquired stealth mobile payments startup, Zetawire.

Analyst warns Microsoft needs tablet to compete with iPad, or else

After failing to create much buzz in the tablet space this year, one analyst warns that Microsoft may be in for a dismal 2011 unless it can concoct an iPad challenger.

Top 10 free Chrome Web Store apps

Take a look at our top 10 free apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Paul Allen patent lawsuit against everyone thrown out…for now

A patent lawsuit from Paul Allen firm Interval Licensing targeting everyone from Google and Apple to Netflix and Facebook has been dismissed...but it'll be back.

McDonald’s customer data compromised after partner hacked

McDonald's partner Arc Worldwide has been hacked, giving hackers names, addresses, and emails of thousands, potentially millions of customers.

Deal’s done: Dell buys storage firm Compellent for $960 mln

Dell has pulled the trigger on acquiring storage technology company Compellent in a deal worth about $960 million.

Motorola Honeycomb tablet pics and specs

We've got stats and pics of the Motorola tablet Rick Rubin showed off last week at All Things D running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

Apple removes jailbreak detection from iOS 4.2

Apple's jailbreak detection was already known to hackers who had begun employing methods to avoid it.

Gawker hacked, 1.5 million accounts compromised

Hackers that may or may not be from 4chan took down all Gawker Media sites over the weekend, publishing staff passwords and obtaining usernames, emails, and passwords for 1.5 million users registered on the Website network.
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Top 10 Twitter trends for 25 billion tweets in 2010

Twitter has released several lists of the most popular topics on the social network in 2010. Good news for girls, Justin Bieber made the list!
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Maingear Shift Review

Maingear Shift Review.