HP’s Elitebook 1030 fleshes out the range with decent specs

HP is continuing its practice of offering many units for many customers, by expanding its Elitebook lineup with another entry: the 1030. Slotted between the more powerful 1040 and the weaker 1020, it should appeal to power and business…

Which hard drives are the most reliable? BackBlaze’s testing finds surprises

Backblaze goes through a lot of hard drives storing all of our data for us, so it's in a good position to judge which are the most reliable. From its testing, it found that Western Digital drives cause the biggest problems and HGST's fail…

Browse OneDrive with your Windows tablet using this new app

Windows tablet users looking for a way to browse, not sync, OneDrive files have a solution: the new touch-friendly OneDrive app that has now become available in the Windows Store.

Could posture-based inputs soon replace keyboard shortcuts?

A team of computer scientists working at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, has published a paper about the possibility of posture-based inputs being used instead of keyboard shortcuts.

Amazon’s DSSTNE machine learning tech is now open source

Anyone interested in the way Amazon recommends products to its customers can now download an open-source version of the company's Deep Scalable Sparse Tensor Network Engine (otherwise known as DSSTNE) machine learning tech.

Cemu Wii U emulator runs Mario Kart 8 almost flawlessly after update

An update 1.5.0 for Cemu, a Wii U emulator, has Mario Kart 8 running at nearly 60 frames per second. This is a massive performance increase since it was initially launched in October.

How to track down the rat who’s selling your Gmail address to spammers 1:10

Few people like to receive an onslaught of deals, newsletters, and the like. Check out our brief video if you're trying to figure out who's selling your address to a third-party company.
Movies & TV

Watch the best teams in the NBA battle in the conference finals, online

The NBA playoffs are about to get more intense, as the conference finals begin. We know you don't want to miss a second of the drama, so here's how to stream all the NBA Playoffs action online.

Universal update inbound: Exclusive Xbox One games appearing in Windows Store

Prior to Microsoft's Anniversary Update expected to occur this summer, certain Xbox One games and apps are appearing for Insider Preview members. It's expected that all universal Windows apps will work on Xbox One.

AMD rolls out a new discrete GPU line for laptops, the M400 Series

AMD updated its website with new Radeon chips for laptops, the M400 series. There are three groups in the family -- R9, R7, and R5 -- supporting DirectX 12, OpenGL, Vulkan, and AMD's Mantle graphics API. There are 11 discrete chips overall.
Virtual Reality

Oculus VR aims to do some good with virtual reality through new social initiative

Oculus VR has launched a new initiative called VR For Good, which kickstarts two programs: one for high schools, and one for nonprofits and filmmakers. Students will have access to the Ricoh Theta S 360 camera while nonprofits will get the…

Newly leaked internal newsletters give rare glimpse inside the NSA

Whether it's scuba diving in Guantanamo Bay, or listening in on the phone calls of Russian mobsters, the NSA's internal newsletter shares its agents' activities. And thanks to Edward Snowden, we can read up on all of it.