7 years later, does ‘Halo Wars’ need a mouse and keyboard after all?

In 2009, Creative Assembly released an unorthodox Halo RTS for the Xbox 360. At long last, a PC port has finally arrived, but was mouse and keyboard support what this overlooked gem needed to thrive? Let's take a look.

Capture One Pro photo editor gains its own color-coded shortcut keyboard

The 500-plus shortcuts in Capture One Pro just got a bit easier to learn with a custom color-coded keyboard made with LogicKeyboards. The keyboard can help improve efficiency for avid users or help newbies learn the program.

Possible Russian hacker network may be responsible for new MacOS malware

Advanced persistent threats are constant attacks against targets, aimed at stealing data or destroying infrastructure over time. A hacker network has been at work since 2007 and it now apparently has a new tool for attacking MacOS.

Nvidia’s new GeForce driver is optimized for ‘Halo Wars 2,’ ‘For Honor,’ more

Nvidia released a new driver for its GeForce graphics cards that is optimized for Sniper Elite 4, Halo Wars 2, and For Honor on the PC. The driver addresses specific issues for Battlefield 1, Second Life, Minecraft, and more.

Close to the Metal Ep. 30: For Honor will kick your gaming PC's butt 32:28

PC games are more realistic than ever, but producing that quality at smooth frame rates is becoming more difficult than ever. This week on Close to the Metal, we'll look at how tough it is to run For Honor, and talk about Windows…

Google fooled by fake Amazon site that showed up as an ad in search results

Google has been fooled into presenting web search users with phony links to the Amazon storefront, after its strict advertising safeguards were somehow dodged by the perpetrators of the scam.

Amazon launches a Skype competitor in the form of Amazon Chime

Amazon just keeps finding ways to help your small business grow. The latest offering to emerge from the online retail giant is Amazon Chime, a new project from Amazon Web Services.

AMD optimizes ‘For Honor’ in latest Radeon Software Crimson ReLive update

AMD just released the latest version of its Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition software, offering a number of important fixes and enhancements. For Honor and Sniper Elite 4 received performance optimizations and multi-GPU support.

CPU guru David Kanter digs into AMD's Zen and Ryzen technology

Microprocessor guru David Kanter has a report that digs into the technical details of AMD's new Zen processor architecture and Ryzen CPUs. While the report is from August, a video brings the information up to date.

The Oculus Rift unofficially supports modern MacOS machines via a new app

Developer Cindori launched a new MacOS app enabling a virtual three-screen desktop in the Oculus Rift headset. But there are a few catches of course, such as MacOS machines need to be "modern" and sport a discrete graphics processor.
Product Review

MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar Review

Apple's latest MacBook Pro is the first one we can't recommend. Here's why.

Apple submitted a mysterious Bluetooth and NFC device for FCC approval

Apple submitted another filing to the FCC, this time for a Bluetooth and NFC device -- but what exactly is the device? Excellent question -- but it could hint at an exciting new Apple product.