Product Review

Origin EON17-SLX Review

Stuffed with desktop parts, Origin's EON17-SLX is a monster in every way.

GoG now offers unlimited 14-day refunds for Early Access games

As much as Steam's 14-day, two-hour playtime refund period was a nice addition, it's got nothing on GoG's. If you buy into an Early Access game on Good Old Games, you can get a full refund for any reason at all over the two weeks that…

The Java browser plugin will die later this year

The Java browser plugin, which allows certain applications to run in your browser, is being retired later this year. It is a common security vulnerability, and major browsers were taking steps to block it.

Make a working laptop with just a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Lapdock

It's easier than ever to build a hobbyist computing project in the age of low-cost single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi Zero, as is evidenced by this unique laptop creation.
Virtual Reality

Joseph Gordon Levitt goes on stage to talk about Oculus’ latest film project

How will virtual reality change the way films are made? That's the question Oculus wanted to ask at Sundance this year, and it invited Joseph Gordon Levitt to muse on what the answer might be.

Make Windows text easier to read with these simple adjustments

Windows is a flexible operating system, but it's not always the easiest on the eyes. Here's how to make window and application text larger if need be, whether you want to do so in Microsoft Word or Google Chrome.

Google outraces Facebook to AI breakthrough by beating a Go champ 2:47

A team at Google has cracked one of the longest-standing challenges in artificial intelligence and created a neural network-based AI that has defeated a professional player of the ancient Chinese board game Go.

Meet Starry, the new startup from Aereo’s founder aimed at revolutionizing the Internet

Starry, a new company from Aereo founder Chet Kanojia, is promising to redefine broadband with a home Internet service that's competitive with cable and fiber companies. It launches this summer in Boston.
Social Media

Facebook announces record 2015 profits, driven by increases in mobile

Facebook announced record earnings for Q4 2015 and the full year, exceeding expectations. The company attributes the positive results to increases in mobile users and mobile advertising.

A rising tide raises all ships: Verizon drops slowest 25Mbps FiOS option

Verizon is chopping off the lowest tier plan on its FiOS fiber optic service. Is this a case of giving the people what they want, or a political move to push broadband speeds up across the board?

Another Windows 10 build rolls out, but it’s not packed with features

Windows has rolled out another Redstone build to fast lane Insiders. Despite a major leap forward in build number, the new version is mostly about squashing bugs and laying the foundation for future updates.
Virtual Reality

Is Google Cardboard the most popular VR headset? Google claims five million shipped

Although Oculus and HTC might be battling it out for pole position in the VR race, Google has been pushing to become the people's champion. In the past 19 months it has shipped more than five million Google Cardboard headsets to consumers.