Star Wars Battlefront is a technical marvel on PC

The benefits of choosing to play Battlefront on PC are clear -- better resolution, higher refresh rate. But like the dark side, the trouble is hard to see

Asus touts spider-like RT-AC5300 tri-band router

Asus' premium router sports eight antennas, making it capable of MU-MIMO wireless coverage on three bands, two 5GHz and one 2.4GHz. The bad news? It looks like the machine cousin of the arachnid family.

Microsoft shows off Continuum, which lets you use your phone like a PC, in new video

Microsoft has released a new video that demos Continuum along with more details about the Microsoft dock and the minimum system requirements for using the feature.

Apple bans F.lux screen brightness app for sideloading

Apple has changed its mind and turned on popular screen tint manager tool F.lux. Apparently, the computing giant claims the developers weren't allowed to use Xcode or the iOS standard developer kit the way they did.

China still has the fastest supercomputer, and now has more than 100 in service

The Top 500 rankings are a fun way to gauge which countries boast the most powerful rigs in the world. While the U.S. still has the most supercomputers in service, China's TIanhe-2 remains the fastest in the world.
Cool Tech

'Wi-FM' uses FM radio signals to reduce interference, boost your Internet speeds

Wi-FM allows devices to listen in on FM radio signals to transmit data without interference from neighboring networks. Wireless Internet speeds suffer from neighboring traffic, so data transmissions sent during quiet periods won't slow…

Hate leads to the dark side, but AMD's Fury leads to a free game

Although Star Wars: Battlefront hasn't exactly set the world of shooters on fire, it has been relatively well received and delivers a solid nostalgia kick. Now you can get that for free with AMD Fury GPUs.

Skylake successor Kaby Lake detailed in leaked Intel slides

Although Skylake did not exactly blow the doors off of the CPU industry, it provided a reasonable bump in all the right places. Kaby Lake looks to do the same while adding native support for USB 3.1 and expanding PCIe support.
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Toshiba Portege Z20t Review

Toshiba's Portege Z20T looks like it means business, but can't quite seal the deal.

Windows silences the haters with an updated privacy statement

With all the mud people are slinging in Microsoft's direction, the Redmond giant has clarified its privacy policy so there won't be any more confusion. The changes directly address some of the concerns that have been running rampant on the…

Australian researchers prove that quantum coding is possible

A team of researchers at the University of New South Wales have announced that their recent experiment in quantum computing proves that it can be used to execute new types of computer instructions.

Intel’s Speed Shift cranks extra performance out of its 6th-generation Core

Intel claims that Speed Shift can improve performance state transitions thirty-fold, but does that claim hold up? Third-party tests have found it does, reducing touch latency by up to 72 percent.