Xbox Game Preview, ID@Xbox titles coming to Windows 10 this year

Microsoft announced that "tons" of independently produced Xbox One games will hit Windows 10 over the next several years as part of its ID@Xbox and Game Preview programs, with many "amazing" titles premiering by the end of 2016.
Virtual Reality

Look ma, no wires! Intel's Project Alloy gives VR full freedom of movement

During IDF 2016 on Tuesday, Intel revealed Project Alloy, its attempt at merging virtual reality with the real world. The system is totally self-contained, relying on a built-in Intel computer, a built-in battery, and RealSense sensors.

Zotac's Magnus mini PCs pack a lot of power thanks to Nvidia's new graphics chips

Nvidia's new mobile Pascal chips could be the next big thing in gaming. Zotac wants them to be the next small thing, as it's put the new chips inside its Magnus systems for high-powered, low footprint gaming.

Intel shows off video capability of 7th-gen Core, plays ‘Overwatch’ on stage

The next generation of Intel Core processors can handle 4K video without difficulty, Intel claimed at their Developer Forum in San Francisco today. The keynote also showed Intel's on-board graphics running Blizzard's "Overwatch" smoothly.

Windows Holographic will be on your PC by the end of 2017

Windows Holographic, the mixed reality side of Windows 10, has been on the horizon since the operating system's launch. Now, Microsoft is finally ready to roll it out to systems next year.

Researchers map out Netflix’s network of streaming video servers

By mapping out the underlying infrastructure of servers used to deliver streaming video to over 190 countries, a team of researchers hopes to offer new insight into how Netflix works.

Lenovo crammed a VR-ready gaming system into two mostly portable form factors

If you want to take your virtual reality on the road, you're going to need a relatively portable PC with a bunch of power. Lenovo has two interesting choices for you, the IdeaCenter Y710 Cube and the IdeaCenter AIO Y910.

Nvidia’s latest GeForce drivers target ‘Deus Ex,’ ‘No Man’s Sky’ issues

If you're among the many players experiencing issues with the PC version of Hello Games' interstellar exploration sim No Man's Sky, Nvidia's latest GeForce driver update may have the solutions you seek.

Hackers demand a $600M ‘reward’ to spill more secret NSA docs

The Shadow Brokers, a new hacker group, has released a series of documents allegedly exposing NSA hacking tools, and now it’s demanding a "reward" in Bitcoin to release more documents that are “better than Stuxnet.”

Stanford finds that phase change memory could be 1,000 times faster than DRAM

A research project into phase change memory carried out by Stanford has found that the technology could be able to deliver speed increases of up to a thousand times in certain operations.

20 major hotels were hacked by malware, including some Marriott locations

It's not the first time for an operator of high-end hotels to be hit by hackers, and it more than likely won't be the last. This time 20 establishments were targeted over a 15-month period, with customer data exposed in a series of malware…
Cool Tech

The robo-lawyer that appealed $4M in parking tickets is now helping the homeless

DoNotPay, a robo-lawyer which helped appeal $4m of unpaid parking tickets, is now helping the UK's homeless population apply for government housing. And that's not all its 19-year-old creator has planned.