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Watch the Witcher put down some punishment in all his graphical glory

Ever since it was first announced to Game Informer back in February of 2013, gamers everywhere have been frothing at the mouth for the final installment in the Witcher trilogy, Witcher III: Wild Hunt. 

Running on the developer’s own proprietary engine known as REDengine 3, the AAA title has quickly overtaken Crysis as the game that makes even the most hardcore custom-PC enthusiasts quake in their collective boots, demanding an equal amount of raw power both from the CPU and GPU in tandem.

The game features absolutely jaw-dropping visuals, gorgeously rendered to bring the dozens of towns, mountain passes, swamps and forests to life in achingly brilliant detail.

Even PCGamer’s test rig (video featured above), equipped with two GTX Titan X’s, 32GB of RAM and an Intel i7-4790K could barely keep itself afloat with all the settings pumped up to Ultra, posting a result of 64 frames per second on average.

Granted, the numbers are slightly adulterated by the fact that the computer was recording footage at the same time the game was playing, but this still goes to show how much of a beast you’ll need in order to experience the world of The Witcher in all its high-res glory.

The Witcher III has set a new standard for what we can expect the rest of our games to look like in the coming years, and should be enough to encourage consumers to start scouring NewEgg for their next big graphical upgrade.