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Quakcon 2003 coverage

Quote from the Quakcon report at HardOCP:

“Gathering a cult following over the course of the last few years, QuakeCon has quickly become the Woodstock of the Computer Gaming community. Once a year, thousands of gamers migrate towards Dallas, Texas armed with the latest hardware and enough caffeine to wake Elvis for one last show. As each year passes, the show has grown by leaps and bounds. This year proved to be no exception as organizers saw an incredible response for registration. With over 2000 BYOC attendees and over 5500 total registrants, 2003 was by far the largest QuakeCon yet. Fortunately, those running the event had enough foresight to bring QuakeCon to a new venue. This year, the event was held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Those who attended our [H]ardware Workshop will be very familiar with this venue as it was the location of the event last December. Having QuakeCon at this venue ensured that space would not be an issue and that gamers would be fragging in the lap of luxury throughout the weekend.”

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