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Samsung Readies Portable Media Center

The device, called the Yepp YH-999, is the world’s smallest compact portable multimedia player according to Samsung. The device is capable of receiving DMB (Digital Multimedia broadcasting) and playing multimedia content.

Incorporating Microsoft’s PMC (Portable Media Center) and a 3.5-inch LCD screen, the YH-999 is capable of playing high-quality media and supporting several media formats. The YH-999 is designed to receive both current TV broadcast signals and in the future, the digital broadcasting signal.

The YH-999 can be connected to a TV via a composite out connector.

Devices specs are as followed:

3.5″ TFT Color LCD
20GB (1.8″) HDD
USB 2.0
Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

There is also an optional IR remote control and charging cradle.

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