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Samsung SyncMaster 172W LCD monitor review

Quote from the review:

“I could essentially write this conclusion in one word: magnificent. Samsung’s SyncMaster 172W has been an absolute treat to review. While it’s street price is a semi-steep $649USD, keep in mind you’re paying for an excellent 17″ LCD monitor. The menu system for the SyncMaster is smart and simple- navigating with it’s front panel buttons is a breeze. Samsung’s MagicBright feature is also a nice addition for having quick access to the brightness of the monitor. I also found the Dual Hinge System to be a nice feature as it was very easy to adjust the tilt and height of the screen. However, I would have liked the main arm to have just a little bit higher raising radius, but that is just me being picky. My girlfriend was impressed by the SyncMaster’s picture when we watched the movie on it and with that I can say- chicks dig the monitor.”

Our take: About the girlfriend comment….mmmmm k. The SyncMaster 172W looks utterly amazing and there is no doubt from our experience with Samsung LCD monitors that this is the one to get. With a pixel refresh rate in the 70Hz range and 400:1 contrast ratio, it looks like this monitor would be perfect for gaming as well. We were able to find this monitor on Pricegrabber for $529, a steal if you ask us.

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