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Samsung Syncmaster 957MB monitor review

Quote from the review:

“The rise in popularity of the flat screen CRT monitor has fully come to fruition. No longer are flat face CRT’s significantly more expensive than their curved-tube counterparts, making them quite affordable, and quite worth getting. Flat face CRT’s have a few advantages over their older counterparts which are not simply cosmetic. For starters, they offer better readability and resolution at the outer corners of the screen. The flat glass surface also tends to reflect less ambient light from the surrounding environment which makes the display more pleasant to look at in a well illuminated room. Each manufacturer has their own terms, techniques, and technologies for constructing CRT displays which have a ‘flat’ slab of glass up front. LG for example have advanced the technology to a point where both the inner and outer surfaces of the display screen are perfectly parallel, yielding arguably one of the best displays of all.”

Our take: Personally, I have never been a fan of Invar Shadow Mask tubes, so a monitor like this just wouldn’t do the trick for me. What surprised me about this monitor was the fact that it could run at 1280×1024 at 90Hz which is a very high refresh rate. Overall this is a great review and well done. We were able to find the monitor at Pricegrabber for under $250 US.

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