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Seagate Fix Causes More Problems

Seagate Fix Causes More Problems

On Sunday, Seagate issued a firmware update to resolve issues with some of its Barracuda disk drives. Yesterday it issued an alert for users of its Barracuda 7200.11 drives, after some users had reported problems with drives not working after the update, and in some cases reportedly losing data.

In the alert, the company warned that if the update guidelines were "not followed carefully" then "the software and information in this article [the drive] could be data destructive and/or render your hard drive inoperable."

Following this came another statement, warning users not to attempt the upgrade. It’s now removed the problem-causing software, and expects to have a few fix available within 24 hours, according to ZDNet.

"We believe that the vast majority of customers will not experience any disruption," Seagate said on Wednesday, adding that there should be no data loss.

"In the unlikely event your drive is affected and you cannot access your data, the data still resides on the drive and there is no data loss associated with this issue." In the event that has happened, they’re offering a free data-recovery service.