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Sonicblue Progear

Sonicblue Progear

Photo Courtesy of Sonicblue

Small. Portable. Flexible. Some of the many words used in describing Sonic Blue’s ProGear. According to Sonic Blue, however, it is heralded as “An Information Appliance that combines networked and web-based applications, wireless connectivity, and handwriting recognition into a lightweight, portable device.” Imagine reading a book without straining your eyes with the touch of a button, watching a music video in full screen color with audio. Imagine having a doctor have the ability to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses with accuracy on the go. According to Sonic Blue, the ProGear provides this and many other great features.

The ProGear comes with a 10.4” color LCD touch screen display for easy navigation and viewing of applications and other content. It’s got a built in microphone for recording speech into text or voice recognition as well as a speaker for applications that make use of audio. The ProGear has a USB port for optional accessories such as an optical mouse, or an external hard drive. As far as communication goes it has a pc card slot which can accept network cards, wireless network cards and other peripherals that can take advantage of this port. The ProGear also has an infrared port for connectivity to say a pocket pc, or a cell phone. Here are some of the detailed specs:

  • TransmetaTM3200 400MHz x86 compatible processor for high-performance and low power consumption
  • 10.4” Color LCD Touch screen (1024x768XGA)
  • 128mb System ram
  • 5.6gig 2.5” hard drive Lithium Ion battery
  • 3200 MaH (6hrs)
  • Choice of built-in 802.11b wireless card with embedded antenna.