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Some Surface Pro 2 users say they circumvent sleep, battery issues with this workaround

Are you a Surface Pro 2 owner that’s being driven mad by the sleep and battery life issues due to an iffy firmware update that Microsoft has since pulled? You may want to sit up and take notice then, because multiple Surface Pro 2 users have indicated on an official Microsoft forum thread that they’ve discovered a temporary workaround for the issue.

Multiple forum posters in this thread have indicated that disabling the Surface Pro 2’s ability to sleep and instead switching to hibernate has improved the situation significantly.

Here’s what forum poster “Sal O” had to say.

“Yes using hibernate instead of sleep is the temporary fix.  Though doing the listed potential fix did appear to get rid of the inaccurate battery indicator but not the self wake from sleep.”

Another poster named “heheman3000” also reported that switching to hibernate alleviated some problems related to the botched firmware update.

“After switching everything to hibernate I’ve not experienced any more of the fake 100% battery rescaling issues.”

However, some Surface Pro 2 owners don’t want to hear anything about temporary fixes, and are beyond frustrated with Microsoft. Here’s what forum poster “Roy_C” had to say.

“I am just utterly confused. The absurdly complicated workarounds previously described I am simply not prepared to accept or attempt. I’m no longer even sure what state the device is actually in at present. What I NEED to know is whether proposed updates in the near future will override ALL previous Microsoft blundering and establish a stable device which functions as intended. When will this occur?”

Microsoft isn’t doing itself any favors by fumbling the firmware update issue along with their development of a new update. At least there appears to be temporary solution while Redmond is working on the problem. It’ll be interesting to see whether the revised firmware update will rectify all related Surface Pro 2 issues, though it’s unclear when exactly it will be released.

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