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Toshiba intros new Media Center Laptop

Satellite 5205-S705 users are able to watch and record their favorite television programs directly to the notebook, store and access digital images, video files, and play DVD movies anytime and anyplace. Toshiba’s latest wireless-integrated multimedia notebook PC also allows users to enjoy industry-leading 3D graphics and convenient Internet access at home, work or a local public hotspot.

In addition to recording digital content, Satellite 5205-S705 customers can take advantage of the built-in DVD-Multi drive to burn CDs and DVDs and can be used as a second hard drive.

“The Satellite 5205-S705 represents a convergence of mobile computing and digital entertainment that empowers consumers to develop new and creative ways to use a notebook PC,” said Oscar Koenders, vice president of product marketing and worldwide product planning. “Our customers continue to use their mobile PCs for entertainment functionality and it’s our goal to meet that demand by delivering new technology – everything from desktop quality graphics to integrated wireless connectivity and now the ability to bring television to the mobile PC.”

“Toshiba shares our vision for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition and the clear advantages that mobile computing and digital entertainment deliver to the notebook user,” said Rick Thompson, corporate vice president of the Windows Extended Platforms Group at Microsoft. “A notebook Media Center PC offers consumers the ultimate way to combine the best of PC productivity and all-in-one access to their digital media in the home, in the dorm room, in the office, and on the go.

A Multimedia Wonder with the Industry’s Fastest Graphics
Providing a complete multimedia experience, the Satellite 5205-S705 is the first notebook PC to ship with the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 graphics processing unit, the industry’s fastest graphics. The new cinematic graphics allows users to play any desktop PC computer game and develop multimedia-intensive presentations. Combined with a 15.0″ diagonal UXGA display and Harman/Kardon® stereo speakers with a built-in subwoofer, the Satellite 5205-S705 enhances any movie or computer gaming experience for the multimedia enthusiast.

Satellite 5205-S705 customers also enjoy the flexibility of the Toshiba Style Bay , ready for a second hard drive, second battery or a bridge media adapter. The bridge media adapter provides the capability to easily receive, retain and move data by a variety of digital media formats, including Memory Stick , Compact Flash and Smart Media .

Pricing and Availability
The Toshiba Satellite 5205-S705 notebook PC is available for $2,699 direct via http://www.shoptoshiba.com/ and Toshiba’s retail distribution channels including computer superstores and consumer electronic stores.

  • Toshiba Satellite 5205-S705 Notebook PC
  • Intel® Mobile Pentium® 4 Processor-Mª, 2.40GHz
  • 512MB of RAM, expandable to 1024MB
  • 60GB¹ hard disk drive*
  • 15.0″ diagonal UXGA display
  • NVIDIA® GeForce