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Buying a Windows 8 ‘touch’ device? Scrounge up an old laptop and trade it in for up to $400


In the market for a Windows 8 touch computer or laptop-tablet hybrid? Staples has a trade-in deal for your old devices, so long as you buy one of the retailer’s qualifying Windows 8 touch computers for sale, including all-in-ones, touch ultrabooks, laptops, and tablets from Acer, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung, as well as the Microsoft Surface devices

After you buy a new Windows 8 computer – check out the complete list of qualifying purchases – the next step is to fill out a trade-in form online and identify what kind of gadget you’re sending in. The amount you can get ranges from $100 to $400, with any kind of netbook or notebook regardless of age netting you the lowest amount. Any Intel i7 or AMD FX notebook; MacBook or MacBook Pro that’s no more than four years old; and any MacBook Air will get you $400. The iPad with Retina display (fourth generation) is at the $300 tier, while the second and third generations and the iPad mini will receive $200; first-gen iPad will trade-ins will receive $150. Staples will then send you a shipping label that you can use to mail your item out. After your device has been inspected, you’ll receive a Visa card with the corresponding amount. 

The computers you trade in should be in good, working condition and should come with a battery and a power supply. The deal is likely not that attractive for anyone with a relatively new MacBook, but if you’re gung-ho about buying a new Windows 8 touch device, and you’re going to sell your old laptop or iPad anyway, here’s one option you can consider. Staples’ “Trade up to touch” program is available until April 27. 

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