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How Grove gives your gadgets a natural touch

A look at how lasers, computer controlled milling machines, and good old fashioned sandpaper are used to make Grove cases.

How does Grove take the latest iPad specs and create a new case in less than a week? Read more in our feature article.

If Grove’s latest products, seem radically different from where they were just four years ago, it’s because the company is too. They’ve inhabited three different locations in as many years, and grown from two guys with a CAM machine to 16.

That’s still tiny compared to monoliths like Belkin and Incipio, but they learned to flip the script and use their small team to outmaneuver the big guys. “When a new iPhone comes out, everyone wants it, and everyone wants it fast,” says Tomita. “I think that actually plays to our strength.”

“Apple doesn’t give specs to anyone,” he explains. “We either have to guess or be really fast. We’re really fast.” Ideas can go go from napkin to wood in a matter of hours because the same guys that dream stuff up have the capability to build it. “When Joe and I are working well together, it just clicks,” Tomita says. “We don’t have bureaucracy.” And the manufacturing process can be equally efficient. “I don’t have to fly to China and wait for all these molds to get made and stuff like that.”