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Compressed clothes, an icemaker faucet, and more oddities from GE’s home of 2025

What’s a compressed garment pod? Where do bacteria sensors fit into a sink? How does a kitchen faucet make ice?

Those might seem like weird questions, more rooted in science fiction than today’s reality. But just a few short years ago, “What’s a smartphone?” would have fit into that category. Tech moves quick.

But how has the tech inside our homes evolved?

Sure, we have smart appliances and connected devices like thermostats, but those are just familiar faces with some processing power and Wi-Fi built in. There’s a lot of technology out there that’s just waiting to be incorporated into our kitchens, laundry rooms, and bedrooms.

That’s the vision behind GE’s home of 2025. It’s a complete re-imagining of how people interact with their living space, and how technology can make it better.