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How much abuse can Sunbrite’s outdoor TVs take? We found out

It’s not everyday that a company gives us permission to utterly abuse their products. They tend to be kind of sensitive about those sorts of things. 

So when Sunbrite gave us the thumbs-up to test its TV’s mettle,  we took full advantage. The company sent us its 55-inch SB-5560HD for testing and we threw – literally – everything we had at it. 

Okay, maybe… just maybe, we went a little crazy on this set. But our tests prove that the SB-5560HD is one seriously resilient TV, more than capable of handling whatever nature (or your family) might send its way. 

It helps that the Sunbrite TV looks fantastic as well. The display’s colors are bright and it’s able to compete with bright sunlight. If you’re on the lookout for an outdoor TV, you really can’t go wrong with a set from Sunbrite.

For a more in-depth – and somewhat less messy – report, make sure you take a peek at our full review of the SunbriteTV SB-5560HD