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Skip the latex mask and get creative with these 3D-printed Halloween costumes

October’s turning leaves mean one thing for anyone with a love of ghoulish mischief: time to get ready for Halloween. Some still revere the holiday as All Hallows’ Eve, while others consider it the ultimate in costume contest opportunities. Of course, there’s also the Mean Girls approach of scandalous outfits with animal ears, but however you choose to celebrate Halloween, these 3D printed designs are enough to supercharge and accessorize the perfect trick-or-treating getup.

See history through a futuristic lens with Steampunk goggles

Steampunk has gained traction and popularity as a powerful subgenre of science fiction and fantasy writing. Stories, films and visual art in the Steampunk genre beautifully merge high-tech, futuristic ideas with an old school aesthetic approach.

The looks are often inspired by 19th-century, industrial machinery (tools were generally steam-powered, hence the term Steampunk) and the wheels-and-cogs machinery bridges the old world, historical inspiration with high-tech, futuristic storylines. Flying and driving goggles, made famous as popular accessories in Victorian England, inspire these classic goggles, from DAstronomerguyc, and jasonwelsh, to complete any Steampunk costume.

Hail from Asgard as Thor (if you can lift the hammer)

There are so many ways to spin a Thor costume these days. If you’re more of a solo act, bulk up and get dressed as the classic Thor, weilding Mjölnir with pride – a 3D printed Mjölnir replica, of course. Of course these days there are also Marvel plans in the works to update Thor to a female version, so if you’re sensitive to the gender roles at play, Mjölnir’s fair game for women as well. If you’re more of the Aether type, why not 3D print a portable version?

If you’ve got a partner in crime, Loki makes a fantastic nemesis at your local Halloween costume competition. And with access to a group of costumed heroes, you could always go full Avengers and put together the dream team from your favorite Marvel movie.

Find compassion and badassery as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is known for her Golden Lasso and her undying sense of compassion, particularly when assuming the secret identity of Diana Prince. She also has superhuman strength, agility, and endurance and, everybody’s favorite, the ability to fly. While a 3D printed Wonder Woman costume might not give you the gift of flight, it’ll certainly prepare you for a win at the costume party throwdown (no hand-to-hand combat on the podium, please).

The classic Wonder Woman costumes all included an Americana-inspired bikini cut of some kind or other, but iterations since her first comic book appearance in 1941 have placed one of DC’s strongest female heroes in a wide range of costumes to inspire your 3D printed version this Halloween. To get you started, the retro logo wrist cuffs and belt buckle are a costume staple, unless you’re more of the tiara type.

Which Hogwarts house will the Sorting Hat choose for you?

Alright, maybe nobody voluntarily asks to be sorted into Hufflepuff. But other than that, the standard Hogwarts school uniform is a solid place to start for a Harry Potter themed Halloween cohort. Depending how dedicated you are to Potterworld accuracy, you could even customize your 3D printed wand to correspond to a specific character from the books or the movies.

With a commitment to a more strict interpretation of a Boy Who Lived costume, 3D printed Potter’s iconic round-frame glasses will probably be the first item. Or you could always whip up a dark mark to boast your sinister Slytherin intentions, pop a Remembrall in your pocket, or accessorize with a Deathly Hallows pendant that will last the biggest Potter fans way past Halloween.

Nothing beats a little Star Wars action on Halloween

Diehard Star Wars fans have plenty of occasions to don their best character costumes these days, but Halloween is as good an excuse as any to prance around town like a Storm Trooper or Princess Leia or even furball favorite, the venerable Chewy. The lightsaber is a great 3D printed accessory to complete a Star Wars costume, and fans have their pick of designs from the classic Luke Skywalker lightsaber to the much-anticipated Episode 7 crossguard edition.

For a full on Star Wars experience this Halloween, consider 3D printing accessories like R2D2 replica droids, your own BB-8, or even a TIE Fighter or two. And if the trick-or-treaters clean out your supply of Halloween candy, there are always 3D printed cookie cutters to shape your best Star Wars Rebel fleet cookie sheets!