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AT&T Adds DSL Service to Internet Bundle

From the press release:

AT&T today announced that it is adding residential digital subscriber line (DSL) high-speed Internet service to its bundle of local and long distance services in 11 additional states including Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, Arizona and Minnesota.

With these 11 new states, AT&T now offers DSL as part of its communications bundle in 25 states with plans to roll out the new service in all states in which it provides bundled local and long distance residential services.   

“We believe there’s pent up demand from consumers frustrated by the lack of choice in bundled communications and are delighted to offer customers in these 11 states a high-quality, simple, convenient and economical package of local, long distance and DSL services from a company they can trust,” said Ray Solnik, vice president of strategic markets, AT&T Consumer. 

The offer enables consumers to bundle AT&T DSL Service with other AT&T local and long distance services.  The ability to bundle AT&T DSL Service is based on a process called line splitting, which involves AT&T “splitting” the loop it buys from the Bells to offer AT&T local, long distance and DSL service on the same line.  Line splitting for large volumes of customers is an innovative process that gives consumers more choice for high-speed Internet access.

Consumers can choose the AT&T DSL Standard Plan for about the same price of a dial-up Internet connection–$19.95 a month for the first three months–and $39.95 a month thereafter.  Or, consumers can choose the AT&T DSL Preferred Plan and enjoy speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up speeds.  Consumers who choose the preferred plan get a $20 discount off of the regular price for the first three months.  The Preferred Plan is available for $49.95 a month thereafter.  Both plans offer consumers the following:

  • Significant savings for the first three months
  • 20 hours a month of national dial-up Internet access (great for travelers)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • A free installation kit (a $149 value with rebate) that includes a plug-and-play modem
  • Free live tech support

In addition, consumers have the added convenience and simplicity of one-stop shopping and a single bill for their AT&T local, long distance and Internet services.

Installing DSL is simple. In fact, the free self-installation kit won an industry award because it’s very easy to use. With the kit, customers can be up and running in only a few short minutes.   And there’s no rewiring or drilling required because DSL works on the existing phone line.

AT&T DSL Service includes AT&T Worldnet® Service, an award-winning, high-quality ISP.  AT&T Worldnet Service has received numerous awards for performance and customer satisfaction and was the first national ISP to provide free anti-virus, anti-spam and pop-up protection as a standard feature of its service.

If customers aren’t quite ready to move up to DSL service, AT&T recently announced a new enhancement to its AT&T Worldnet Service that will enable subscribers to surf the Internet up to five times faster than average dial-up speeds. The new feature, called AT&T Worldnet Accelerator, allows customers to maximize the speed of their dial-up service and enhance the quality of their online experience.   The new web accelerator technology is the latest addition to AT&T’s award-winning portfolio of Internet features, tools and services.

The added speed provided by AT&T Worldnet Accelerator offers dial-up customers an attractive alternative to broadband at a very economical price.   AT&T Residential Local and/or Long Distance customers can get unlimited AT&T Worldnet Service with web accelerator technology for just $14.95 per month.  AT&T customers can enjoy speedy dial-up performance using a top-notch, high-quality ISP at prices that match low-end discount providers. 

In fact, AT&T Worldnet Accelerator provides dial-up customers with the next best thing to broadband and enhances the overall quality of the online experience.   For just $14.95 a month, AT&T customers have all of the advantages and features of a world class, premium ISP at low-end, discount prices.  No one in the industry offers a comparable value.

AT&T offers a wide variety of residential local and long distance calling plans designed to meet most any need and budget.  Consumers can select among several attractively priced AT&T local calling plans tailored to customer needs, with the ability to add competitive long distance plans and receive a single monthly bill.