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Twelve electric skateboards that let you skate without the sweat

Like any piece of technology, transportation is always evolving. First we had the electric bicycle, then the electric car, and now — after many fails, falls, and an abundance of crowdfunding campaigns — we have a slew of electric skateboards that are actually worth the price of admission. And there’s a whole lot benefits to electric skateboards. For one, the make for an easier commute than a motorless board. It’s not any less fun, though — it’s all the adventure without embarking on a sweat session.

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Many electronic skateboards are designed for a casual skate session or the morning commute, but when it comes to design, boards range exponentially in regards to speed and functionality. Got a long commute? You’ll want a board with serious battery life. Looking for something with style? There are boards with incredible design, too. Others will want a rugged board built for adventure, and that’s here as well.

Inboard M1 ($1,400)

Inboard M1

Inboard claims that every detail of the M1 is based on the idea of uninhibited flow. This essentially translates to a fluid and responsive ride, one that utilizes two hub motors in the rear wheels instead of your stereotypical gear system or belt-drive. Because of this, you can utilize the M1 like a traditional skateboard without ever having to turn on the motor. Other hallmarks include the board’s sleek, 14-pound figure and swappable battery system, a feature that means you can jump from one 90-minute session to the next within seconds. The board’s innate Bluetooth connectivity, 10-mile range, and regenerative braking feature — a convenient facet that feeds energy back to the battery for extended life — just help to further justify the lofty price tag. Read more here.

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ZBoard 2 Blue ($1,300)

ZBoard 2 Blue

ZBoard is one of the few companies that could care less for a handheld remote — after all, most board sports don’t rely on a throttle for movement. As such, the weight-sensing ZBoard 2 Blue ditches the wireless remote for the company’s patented controls, one in which you lean on corresponding footpads located on the front and the back of the board in order to accelerate and decelerate. It’s a fairly self-explanatory system that makes use of 1,000W motor and 16-mile range, along with integrated front and rear lighting designed to keep you visible and shed light where you need it most. It’s a bit heavier at 17 pounds, but fortunately, the built-in handles make it easy to lug around when you’re not cruising to and from the boardwalk at a healthy 20 mph.

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Leafboard ($369)


Leafboard isn’t actually available just yet, but it looks promising. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Leafboard is on pre-order. It weighs only 9.7 pounds, making it a really lightweight option for skateboard commuting. Leafboard is relatively fast, too — its top speed is around 19 mph, with a 11.5-mile range. Speed and braking is controlled by a remote, with three driving speeds.

Quick charge is a plus, too. You can fully charge Leafboard is 70 minutes. Plus, it can charge your phone. According to Leafboard, a iPhone 6 full charge only reduces the board’s range by 1.25 miles. Read more here.

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FiiK Big Daddy ($850)


You can go anywhere with the FiiK Big Daddy electric skateboard — grass, sand, and pavement. The heavy duty, off road rubber tires are essential for the off roading experience, though street ride wheels are available if you’re looking for a smoother ride. The extra long wheelhouse, too, means more clearance and versatility in where you can ride. It’s a good board for those beginning to experiment with off roading, as there are three speed settings for easy progression, which you’ll find on FiiK’s wireless controller. Powered by a lithium-polymer battery, FiiK’s Big Daddy can be riden for four to five hours without a charge.

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Stary Board ($900)

Stary Board

The Shanghai-based team behind Stary isn’t kidding when it says its board is the lightest and most affordable electric skateboard to ever hit Kickstarter (or elsewhere). The svelte unibody deck uses a intuitive combination of fiberglass, Canadian maple, and carbon fiber to achieve its 8.8.-pound weight, which allows it to hit 18.6 mph with a 200-pound payload and greater ease than some of its competitors. Additionally, the deck utilizes a gear box and an in-wheel motor — the latter of which you can easily open to replace the outer motor wheel — as well as a controller outfitted with an OLED screen designed to give you board metrics at a glance. The controller also moonlights as your acceleration tool, and, more importantly, a quick means of braking.

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Yuneec E-Go ($600)

Yuneec E-Go

The Yuneec E-Go is likely the cheapest offering on the market, however, this doesn’t mean it sheds all the bells and whistles to hit its budget-based price point. Each board features a Yuneec 400W motor, which function much like the Yuneec 48KW motor aboard the GW430 aircraft, the one with which Yuneec first cut its teeth. Unlike other e-boards on our list that average an estimated 6 or 7 miles on a single charge, the E-Go can push more than 18 miles, though it maxes out at 12 mph and the charging process can take up to 5 hours. That said, it can still manage a 10-percent grade and features both a dedicated controller and an excellent mobile app, just in case you want to view your battery life alongside your text thread with your mother.

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