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Best Gadgets of 2010

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The Best Home Theater Products of 2010

Apple TV$99

After Google TV arrived with a fizzle and the long-awaited Boxee Box somehow shipped without basic features like Netflix, Apple TV might be this year’s most promising Internet TV box. Sure, it lacks analog outputs and it only does 720p, but setup is idiotproof, the Netflix interface is the smoothest we’ve ever used, and it has that Apple charm.

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Sony BDP-N460$399.99

Ignore the MSRP, we’ve seen the N460 for as low as $145 at some retailers. But watch your language: Sony’s BDP-N460 is affordable, not cheap. The difference shows up in its superior build quality, YouTube interface and crisp picture, all of which seem to outstrip what you might expect from this price range.

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Boston Acoustics Tvee Model 20$299.99

The aesthetic benefits of an inch-thick television evaporate quickly when you flank it by two filing-cabinet-sized speakers and a tangle of wiring for surround sound. Boston Acoustics’ Tvee Model 20 soundbar delivers punch on par with a much larger system without the setup hassle or size.

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