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Got 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s the best tech to spend it on

The world of consumer electronics is enticing, but it isn’t cheap. Apple’s latest iPad Airs cost $400 apiece, while the baseline price for a quality 4K television will still set you back a cool $1,000 or more. Thankfully, there’s a smattering of quality tech accessories and standalone products for budget shoppers with $50 to kill.

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Each of the products featured below is designed for a different purpose, whether it be streaming Stranger Things or tracking your fitness goals, except without the hefty price tag often associated with more capable offerings. They certainly can’t do it all, but considering they cost less than a nice dinner in the city, they also don’t have to.

Mophie Powerstation Mini

Daily life can be draining on more than just your body, and that’s where Mophie comes in. The company’s apt-titled Powerstation Mini is a 3,000mAh portable charger that’s designed to provide more than 10 hours of additional power to any smartphone, or five hours to your typical tablet. The compact device is even available in five distinct colors (purple, pink, blue, white, and black) and comes with an aluminum finish, rendering it the perfect companion for those looking to keep up aesthetics on the go.

Price: $30

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