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Contest: Win the Griffin Helo TC iPhone-controlled helicopter

There’s nothing worse than getting a brand new remote-controlled toy, enjoying it for a week or so, and then losing the remote. You either have to shell out same ridiculous price for a new one and wait an undetermined amount of time for it to arrive, or just count your losses and move on. Neither option is very appealing.

But these days, we are turning to mobile technology more than ever to solve our problems. You can control your computer, TV, radio and even a car with a smartphone, so why not your RC toys?

With the Griffin Helo TC, you have the power of RC-flight in your smartphone. You can use your device’s multi-touch display to maneuver the chopper or tilt your phone to control the helicopters’ movements. And not just one helicopter either, you can fly up to three Helo TC copters at one time and even record and store up to three flight plans for your machines.

Ready to take your RC game to the next level? Hit the comments section and let us know what you would use your new toy for.