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Contest: Win the Sony Dash HID-C10

The alarm clock has come a long way. Most of us have gone the way of using our cell phones to angrily remind us to get up. Yet, like the traditional digital bed side alarm clock, it keeps the whole experience clinical and does nothing to make us eager to rise and shine. Gotta be a better option, right?

We’ve got that covered, and are offering up the Sony Dash for one lucky Digital Trends reader. Best described as an alarm clock on steroids, the Sony Dash provides you a bright screen that will bring your groggy tired eyes not only the time, but weather forecasts, stock reports, breaking news of the day, photos and more. The Dash also gives you the option to download apps for Facebook, Netflix and YouTube as well, so you can focus more on getting ready for the day instead of propping yourself up in front of the computer or turning on the TV with those way-too-cheery-to-be-human daytime anchors.

How can you make the Dash yours? Simple. In the comments, share the worst experience that oversleeping has caused you. Whether you forgot to plug in your cell phone and the battery died, or you hit the snooze button one too many times and realized an hour had passed, share it here. Did you end up being late on turning in that crucial final paper for class? Find yourself racing through an airport only to find the gate to that cross country flight for an important job interview closed never to be opened? We’ll look through them all and the best, funniest, most embarrassing or other experiences will be the winner.