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The Coravin wine opener lets you pour a glass without actually uncorking the bottle

If you’ve ever wanted to not drink a full bottle of wine in one sitting, Coravin’s Model Two is the bottle hack for you. Amazingly, the device lets you pour wine from the bottle without actually uncorking it. By replacing the displaced liquid with argon gas, wine stays fresh in the bottle with no danger of oxidizing. Solo drinkers, slow sippers, and extravagant vintage collectors rejoice.

The Coravin is actually quite simple. The device pierces the cork in the wine bottle with a hollow needle. As wine flows out of the needle and into your glass, the Coravin pumps argon into the bottle to displace the wine and keep the flow going. Argon is a tasteless and odorless gas, so it doesn’t affect the flavor of the wine like oxygen does. When you’re done pouring, you simply pull the needle out. Compression from the neck of the wine bottle forces the cork to form an airtight seal when the Coravin needle is removed.

Pumping gas into a wine bottle does put the glass at risk for breakage, so Coravin suggests you hold the bottle in a soft pouch to protect your hands. Their improvements on the device for the Model Two release include a new needle that pours wine up to 20 percent faster. And a new capsule load system is designed to make changing out argon gas capsules quick and easy. The gas in Coravin’s containers is composed of 99.99% pure argon gas “to protect the remaining wine from oxidation”.

The Coravin Model Two costs $349.95 and includes two Coravin Capsules of argon. Each gas capsule is expected to last for about three bottles worth of cork-free Coravin drinking. Capsule refills are also available from Coravin in sets of three, six, and twenty-four, depending of course on how much wine drinking you intend to do. Since the Coravin Model Two is designed to let wine enthusiasts pour one glass at a time, the Coravin method could help each bottle last for considerably longer.