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D-Link Joins Hughes Broadband Alliance

By joining the alliance, D-Link will gain the inside track into the development and distribution of next-generation broadband applications and services, which become certified to operate on SPACEWAY, Hughes’ advanced Ka-band broadband satellite platform. The Alliance offers D-Link a unique opportunity to expand the markets for its breakthrough broadband technologies.

“The Hughes SPACEWAY network delivers the bandwidth to allow everything from interactive videoconferencing to remote security surveillance at work or at a home office, at a price people can afford,” said Steven Joe, President of D-Link. “D-Link has always been at the forefront of the networking industry and we look forward to being an important contributor to the Hughes Broadband Alliance.”

The Hughes Broadband Alliance is an essential program for companies interested in the ubiquitous deployment of broadband applications utilizing SPACEWAY, the next-generation satellite platform for DIRECWAY services. Members are supported by the Hughes Applications Center of Excellence, staffed with 100 engineers who collaborate with members and customers during the development and deployment processes. Applications being developed include high quality, secure videoconferencing, telecollaboration, telemedicine, distance learning-on-demand and flexible end-to-end networking solutions.

“As part of the Alliance, Hughes and D-Link will explore high-performance, user-friendly ways to connect small office/home office customers to broadband video services, thus opening up new market potential for video conferencing and surveillance and other broadband applications,” stated Richard Smallcomb, Director of the Hughes Broadband Alliance Program.

D-Link’s DVC-1000 i2eye VideoPhone and DCS-2000 Internet Camera are among the latest multi-media devices using broadband connectivity. The i2eye is a low-cost stand-alone device that enables face-to-face communication in the conference room at work or home office. The DCS-2000 Internet Camera is a full-feature surveillance system that provides remote high-quality video and audio monitoring from anywhere in the world through a browser. Collaboration will focus on how D-Link’s products can take advantage of the mesh networking and high bandwidth-on-demand capabilities of Hughes advanced SPACEWAY satellite platform.