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Frontier Labs NEX IIe

Frontier Labs NEX IIe

MP3 Players are nothing new. Since their debut in 1998 with Diamond’s Rio, MP3 players have proved to be a great option for users wanting high quality, skip free music on the go. Frontier Labs’ NEX IIe is the result of an idea that has worked for the NEX line in the past: No Internal Memory.

Why would anyone want an MP3 Player without any memory? Because then the device is cheaper, you save space by omitting the integrated flash chip, and you allow the user to choose the amount of memory right for their needs. The Compact Flash Type I and II slot can accept up to a 1GB flash card, the highest availible. And there is a limitless amount of storage depending on how many cards you want to carry.

The NEX IIe will play MP3 and WMA files, and is firmware upgradable, so it might support next generation file formats such as OGG. But it can also be used as a portable hard drive. With the easy to use interface provided by Windows Explorer, you can add any file you like to the device.

At only 65g, this device is a lightweight. You’d be surprised it’s powered by 2 AA batteries, giving it a longer charge than players with single AA or AAA batteries. It can also be charged by AC adapter, and when its connected to the computer, it’ll be charged by the USB cable, and won’t drain your batteries.

The high resolution LCD looks extremely cool, and lets you configure everything about the Nex IIe. And because it’s backlit, you’ll be able to read it anywhere.

The Nex IIe comes in White and Black, but each comes with 4 “NEXkin” covers. It comes with Red, Blue, Teal, and Yellow, but more are availible seperately.

The Frontier Labs NEX IIe is availible now for $115.00.