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Jetovator the flying water bike lets you soar above new heights

Water sports can be pretty fun, but if you ever wanted to leap out of the water like dolphins do, the Jetovator is the big boy’s toy you are looking for. Shaped like a combination of a motor bike and standing jet ski, the watercraft ride attaches to a giant water spray nozzle that lifts you up 30 feet as you maneuver your way in the air. If you want to experience life down under, you can also push ten feet below surface.

Using a 40-foot hose, the Jetovator connects to a water power source, such as another personal watercraft, to charge up. The simple controls rely mainly on the handle bars, with left or right grip as the way to speed up, slow down, or make turns. Once airborne, you can even attempt flips and quick turns to replicate the movements of aquatic animals or race around your friends at a speed of up to 25 miles per hour. The professionals demonstration the vehicle also seem to be able to ride the wave handsfree, although you should definitely become more familiar with the operation before attempting this trick. After the ride, you’ll also be able to dock right onto dry land with the fiberglass seat self-standing upright, allowing you to touchdown and walk right off the vehicle in one fell swoop.

The standard kit of the Jetovator retails for $9,000, so this is certainly one expensive toy. If you wish to make it even more hardcore, upgrades such as carbon fiber seat body, suspension landing gears, and PWC power nozzle for even faster speed can be added to enhance the experience at varying costs. 

Watch the video below to see the Jetovator in action.