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Let’s Go Crazy: Prince Hawking $2,100 Purple iPods


It’s true that some things never go out of style…and a famously reclusive rock star is hoping that purple isn’t one of them. The artist once-again-known-as-Prince has is offering up the Prince Opus iPod, a limited edition (just 950 exist) second-generation iPod touch done up in Prince purple and featuring a 40-minute preloaded video that Prince himself made of his 2007 21 Nights performance at London’s O2 arena, along with 15 tracks from his Indigo Nights album. The Prince Opus iPod also comes with an exclusive book of Prince photographs from publisher Kraken Opus.

Sound appealing? Also on board are “testimonials” from the likes of Naomi Campbell, Elton John, P Diddy, and Prince fans, as well as behind the scenes footage with backup singers “the twins” Nandy and Maya McLean.

All this can be yours—along with only 949 other people—for a mere $2,100. Look at it this way: that’s less than the cost of a fully-tricked-out MacBook Pro, right?