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Lofree looks like a retro typewriter keyboard, but its tech is all 21st century

Why it matters to you

If you're aching for a little old-school cool in your digital life, the Lofree is one of the few mechanical keyboards with wireless capabilities.

Modern technology just a bit too … modern for you? If the design aesthetic of the 21st century has you longing for something a bit more retro, there may be a solution. Meet the Lofree, a nostalgic yet decidedly new-age keyboard that combines elements of the past with today’s innovations and advances. Heralded as “the first mechanical keyboard inspired by typewriters,” the Lofree is an elegant take on a generation past.

Designed to delight your senses, the Lofree has something for the eyes, ears, and your sense of touch. Taking a page out of the typewriting book, the Lofree features round keycaps that give it a familiar, classic look. They even feel and sound like typewriting keys, but you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck all the time. Thanks, modern day technology!

This mechanical keyboard comes with the Apple Magic keyboard layout, so you won’t have to relearn how to type just because you want to go back a few decades. The compact keyboard can be used in wireless or wired mode (so you can pair it with just about any device you want), and is compatible with most operating systems — Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So if you want to pair the Lofree with a tablet, be it an iPad or an Android, have at it. In fact, you can pair the Lofree with up to three devices simultaneously, so you’re not spending all your time configuring and reconfiguring just to send an email. And with three different backlit settings, you’ll always be able to set the right mood with this keyboard.

The Lofree comes in a number of simple, bright colors that are as playful as you — whether you’re feeling pink, blue, red, white, or something else altogether, chances are you’ll find a keyboard that matches your style.

The Lofree is available for pre-order on its Indiegogo page here for the early bird price of $74. You can expect the Lofree at your doorstep in May of this year.