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Consumer project measurement tasks could become easier with Plott’s Cubit

Measure two times, cut once. That’s sage advice passed down through the ages, but there are times when getting precise measurements and then putting them to use in real-world projects can be a lot tougher than just marking a board with a pencil before sawing it. Saying it offers “measure-just-once” capability for regular and irregular objects and surfaces in consumer projects, Plott announced Cubit at CES 2017.

Plott is a newly launched consumer subsidiary of NWi, a technology platform firm that specializes in helping construction companies scale designs up and down. NWi’s platform uses dimensional data to help its clients visualize projects’ end results before they actually start. It’s from this perspective — simplifying the measurement and dimensional aspects of projects — that NWi started Plott for consumers. Cubit is the first device in the line.

“Cubit is the only solution that partners with the user along their entire creative journey, allowing them to get over mental and physical hurdles, and bring their projects from idea generation to reality,” said David Xing, Plott CEO. “We believe people should spend their time enjoying their projects, rather than struggling to figure out how to get them done. We’ve designed Plott’s ecosystem of tools as a direct response to that, leveraging best-in-class technology to remove complexity from the creative process.”

Cubit’s major features include real-time, accurate dimensional data from a built-in smart wheel, and a laser distance measurer. The data can then be used on a smartphone app in project planning and layout. According to the company, by minimizing measurement tasks, organizing project data, and taking care of all calculations, customers will be able to keep their focus on their projects. They can also attach photos, videos, and notes to the data points. Cubit will transmit data to the smartphone app with low-energy Bluetooth for efficiency and longer battery life.

Plott will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Cubit in February, with plans to begin shipping in the second quarter of 2017.