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Cool Tech

Sony’s Project Field could give us a new way to play card games

Sony's Project Field is looking to bring a similar mixed reality gaming that Amiibo and Skylander figures allowed, but with card games. Set for a Japan-only release, it will first support the Yokai Watch game, but from there, the sky's the…

Single-use Powrtabs phone chargers are recyclable and fit in your pocket

Powrtabs provide a small boost to your smartphone battery, and we tried them out.These single-use smartphone chargers could be just the backup you need to avoid running out of power when you’re out and about.

Medical marijuana made easy: Leaf is an all-in-one at-home grow box for pot

The grow box is built with sensors to measure vitals like temperature, humidity, pH, and plant height and separately-sold cartridges that automatically feed nutrients to the plant. An app allows growers to monitor and control production.

Tired of crappy work lights, a former auto mechanic designed a big-ass solution

The Big Ass Light Bar is powerful enough to light entire rooms or roadside workspaces, and tough enough to last. The high-capacity battery powers the adjustable 5,000-lumen LED lamp from 90 minutes to 48 hours.
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Farming robot uses sonar to measure the exact fruit yield in an orchard

A new project, currently being developed by researchers at Israel’s Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Tel Aviv University, is using sonar-sporting robots to more accurately project future fruit yields.

Naya Health launches smart breast pump to make the process ‘suck less’ … but also more

Nursing moms need all the help they can get, and Naya Health is offering a new tool. The company has launched a smart breast pump, designed for convenience. It even includes an app that tracks pumping stats.

Perfect timing: Audis are talking to traffic signals to reduce driver stress

Audi is launching its first Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication system in Las Vegas. Dubbed Traffic Light Information, the technology allows certain Audis to receive signal information from the city’s traffic management system.
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Despite its drones ‘trying to land in trees,’ Google insists it’s committed to delivery project

Google's parent company Alphabet says it's "wholeheartedly committed" to its drone delivery project. Despite apparent difficulties with drone designs that've seen some "try to land in trees," it reportedly wants to create a service with a…
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Google-owned smart spoon will counteract unwanted hand movements

The Liftware Level is a smart eating utensil that will help people with uncontrolled movements, such as hand tremors, by recognizing the orientation of their hands and actively counterbalancing their movements.

Want that printed rare? Innovative dining experience debuts 3D-printed cuisine 1:35

Launched via Kickstarter in December, Nufood allows backers to experience a new type of dining by offering a pop-up restaurant serving 3D-printed dishes. The event will soon take place across 10 cities in Europe.
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Quadcopters could be missing ingredient for cheap zero-G flights

A new piece of research from investigators at Georgia Institute of Technology describes a proof-of-concept quadcopter its creators hope will offer weightless "zero G" flight on a budget.
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Earth’s ‘technosphere’ is massive, and could mean problems for the planet

An artificial system of is growing on top of Earth’s surface, and it’s entirely our creation. Dubbed the technosphere, the system consists of all man-made structures — from buildings, streets, and landfills to smartphones, clothes…