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Cool Tech

SpaceX will attempt yet another high-velocity rocket landing tonight. Here’s where to watch

SpaceX hopes to safely bring another Falcon 9 rocket home tonight after launching a Thai telecommunications satellite over 20,000 miles above Earth, into a high-elliptical orbit known as geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).
Cool Tech

Planetary Resources plans to launch Earth-observing satellites as a precursor to asteroid mining ops

Planetary Resources has big plans for the future, but those plans now include an Earth-observing satellite network and not the highly entertaining idea of space selfies. This turnaround is driven partially by finances with the…
Health & Fitness

New implantable device may help doctors fight opioid addiction in U.S.

In the ongoing fight against opioid addiction, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a novel new drug that takes form in an implantable device. The first of its kind, Probuphine may be a game-changer.
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Spyce is a robotic kitchen that is hoping to transform fast food

Spyce Kitchen is a completely autonomous mini-restaurant that boasts a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove top, and yes, a robotic chef. Using fresh ingredients, the machine master can serve an entree in less than five minutes.

From grillbots to solar stoves, 10 gadgets that’ll crown you king of BBQ season

Now that grilling season is almost upon us, we took some time to round up the best BBQ tech gadgets to help you conquer your next cookout. From helping you keep your gear clean to just really awesome ways to light stuff on fire, we've got…
Home Theater

If booze and vinyl made a baby it would be the Luno EGB2 Record Console

Vinyl and booze are two of our favorite things, and these gems come together brilliantly in the new EGB2 turntable console from Luno. Hand-crafted from American Walnut, the EGB2 is stocked with all you need for a classy Mad Men-style get…
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Jeff Bezos says Blue Origin’s next space mission will deliberately go wrong

Blue Origin has been making good progress with its New Shepard space missions, but the next one is going to go wrong. The system failure will, however, be carefully planned, and is all part of a safety test for the capsule that'll one day…
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NASA has a big problem with its inflatable space room

NASA's first-ever expandable space habitat has a bit of a problem – it won't inflate. Thursday's debut attempt to get air into the module failed to go according to plan, leaving engineers to ponder the problem overnight. An…

Canon breaks apart a super-telephoto lens to show why it costs $11,000

Ever wonder why a super-telephoto lens costs so much? Canon disassembles one of its most impressive and expensive lenses, the $11,000 EF 200-400mm f/4L IS, to show why.
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A decade after Katrina, meteorologists say hurricane models vastly improved

Meteorologists did a good job in forecasting where Hurricane Katrina made landfall, but underestimated its strength. Advancements in weather modeling may make that a thing of the past, NASA scientists say.