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Cool Tech

Neuroscientists just found that texting alters your brainwaves, but they can’t explain why

“This is one of the first reports of a technology-brain interface which have been shown to exist,” Dr. William Tatum of the Mayo Clinic tells Digital Trends.
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The FDA approved this ‘stomach pump’ implant, and doctors aren’t happy about it

The FDA-approved AspireAssist weight-loss device allows obese patients to pump food from their stomach, through a tube, out their belly, and into the toilet without being fully absorbed.

Clever new ‘Diet Eyeglasses’ track your eating habits by monitoring your chewing muscles

“We derive features from the sensors’ measurements and apply machine learning techniques to categorize the foods consumed,” researchers Rui Zhang and Professor Oliver Amft tell Digital Trends.

Max One will wake you when your smoke alarm doesn't

The Max One is a new kind of safety alarm that wants to be sure you're awake when the alternative could be deadly. It can detect the high-frequency sound emitted by many smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that heavy sleepers…

Turn your garbage disposal into a composter with this gadget

Engineering students from Rice University's Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen developed an attachment that turns your average garbage disposal into a composter. Meet the BioBlend.
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Yuba Spicy Curry Review

Conquer hills and Ikea with the Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike.
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Self-assembling nanomachines may help detect disease

Dubbed OPTIMuS (Oligo-Propellled Technology for Interrogating Molecular Systems), the dumbbell-shaped machines use nanoscale DNA-spings to move a ring along a central cylinder or “handle."
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Seed-bombing startup DroneSeed wants to fight deforestation with a swarm of UAVs

DroneSeed is developing an impressive seed-shooting drone that will reseed an area after timber harvesting is complete. The company believes its precision technology will transform the foresty industry.
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Kaz Hirai reveals Sony is working on a robot with 'emotional' capabilities

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has announced an ambitious project for the company: the creation of a robot that's capable of forming an emotional bond with humans. A group devoted to this project was established internally in April,
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Microsoft CEO’s 10 Laws for AI (and humans, too)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed what he believes are necessary principles or goals for artificial intelligence and humans. Rather than just predicting what life will be like with AI, we should create it based on guiding principles.
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NASA awards $5.1 million contract to recycle pee

Urine is big business for Paragon Space Development Corporation. NASA just awarded the Tucson-based company a $5.1 million contract to develop and deliver a water recovery system to help astronauts reclaim fresh, potable water from their…

German engineers 3D-printed a camera that’s smaller than a grain of salt

This 3D-printed camera may be about the size of a grain of salt, but it has three lenses and an LED light. Small enough to be injected, this camera concept could be used in medicine, robotics, drones, and more.