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Cool Tech

Watch this dude bang out a funky electro number on a bunch of ancient TVs

Electronic trash never sounded so amazing. Japanese musician Ei Wada likes to use discarded household appliances to make his music, using his tech know-how to convert them into amazing instruments quite unlike any other.
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DJI’s new drone camera tacks a 30x zoom onto commercial unmanned aerial vehicles

DJI just announced the Zenmuse Z30, a drone camera with a whopping 30x optical zoom. Tailored for industrial use, the camera is limited to 1080p video and built specifically for the company's Matrice enterprise drone.

GoPro’s new Passenger app makes flying the Karma drone a team effort

GoPro's Karma may be pretty small, but it can take on passengers -- virtually, anyway. The new Passenger app offers a second user the view from the drone as well as the chance to control the camera.
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Cute wearable robots will crawl all over your body to do your bidding

The future of wearables could be miniature on-body robots that crawl all over your body to create instant makeshift displays. Or so a delegation of MIT and Stanford researchers think, at least.
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This modular drone will teach children how to code the fun way

Robotics startup Makeblock wants to teach kids to code by giving them a modular programmable drone to build and play with. If that wasn't fun enough, it can even transform into a hovercraft.

AI judge predicts outcome of human rights cases with remarkable accuracy

An AI algorithm has predicted the outcome of human rights trials with 79 percent accuracy. The system is the first of its kind trained solely from on case text from a major international court, the European Court of Human Rights.
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Interactive images show what U.S. cities might look like without the Clean Air Act

Researchers have attempted to illustrate what major American cities might look like without these federal measures to control air pollution. The results are an eerie reminder of how important such regulations can be.
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A drone flying with a 1,000-Watt LED is the best thing you'll watch today

Photographer Daniel Riley equipped a drone with the brightest DIY flashlight you have ever seen. What happens when he begins filming is nothing short of amazing.

Washington State's smartphone spectrometer detects cancer with 99 percent accuracy

Led by assistant professor Lei Li, a research team from Washington State University developed a smartphone spectrometer that can measure up to eight samples at once. This looks to drastically improve cancer detection.
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This inflatable turns any table into a standing desk

If you like the idea of a portable standing desk and you don't mind inflating it every time you go to use it, then the YoUP could be just the ticket.
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Sweden has just made it a whole lot harder to fly camera drones

A recent ruling by Sweden's highest court has apparently made it a whole lot harder for people to fly camera drones there. The authorities have decided the machines are a kind of surveillance camera so a special permit will now be needed to…
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Supply ship successfully arrives at International Space Station

The Cygnus cargo spacecraft, developed by Orbital ATK Inc., was captured by the ISS’ robotic arm at 7:28 a.m. EDT (1128 GMT) today. The ship carried materials for science experiments and other supplies for the crew.