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Cool Tech

The Kinect might not make great games, but it makes great music videos

It's difficult to name more than a handful of half-way decent Kinect games, but now you can point to a music video as a great source of artistic beauty that's only possible because of the Xbox camera.

Augmented Reality for kids is here in the form of the Egger

This is what learning in the 21st century looks like. Meet the Egger, a new interactive augmented reality projector that promises to "inspire creativity, imagination, and benefit early childhood development."
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Manage your time like never before with Zei from Timeular

We're tracking just about everything these days -- steps taken, calories consumed, calories burned, hours slept -- so why not track our most precious resource of all? Track your time with Zei.

A private firm is tracking the habits of visitors to New York City’s Bryant Park

PlaceIQ, an advertising analytics firm which tracks the location of smartphones, has inked an agreement with NYC's Bryant Park Corporation. It will see park visitors' locations -- and subsequently behaviors -- analyzed anonymously.
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Forget ‘great,’ presidential hopeful Zoltan Istvan wants to make America immortal

Zoltan Istvan is the Transhumanist party leader and independent candidate for the forthcoming U.S. elections. Istvan’s platform? That he wants you to live forever thanks to the amazing world of AI and augmentation.
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Flying pizza on its way to New Zealand: Domino’s demos drone delivery

Domino's says it wants to start delivering pizza using drones, and on Thursday showed off its technology – pizza 'n' all – at a special demonstration in New Zealand.
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Watch the world’s largest aircraft crash-land on only its second outing

Having celebrated a successful maiden flight just a week ago, the team behind the world's largest aircraft were shocked to see the enormous Airlander 10 crash-land on Wednesday at the end of only its second outing.
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Proxima Centauri has a potentially habitable planet orbiting it, but are there aliens?

Sci-Fi meets reality as a planet is confirmed around our nearest celestial neighbor. With little visual evidence there's quite a bit we don't know yet, including whether it has an atmosphere or not.
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Soaring high with Parrot's Disco, the winged drone you pilot like a plane

Forget quadcopters, Parrot’s new Disco is a fixed-wing drone that weaves through the skies like a plane, and an included headset puts you in the virtual cockpit.
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Smartphone speech recognition can text 3 times faster than you can type

In a challenge pitting human texters against a cutting-edge speech recognition algorithm, the computer not only won -- it was three times faster than humans typing the same message. Impressive, right?
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More drone crashes caused by technical glitches, not human error, study shows

Who's to blame for drone crashes -- the pilot or the technology? A new study shows that, more often than not, it's the latter. Research suggests that preventing the loss of signal between the drone and pilot could significantly reduce…