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Tapdo, the finger-powered smart sensor, starts at $100 on Kickstarter

Move over Touch ID! Tapdo is a wearable fingerprint sensor that lets you map a variety of shortcuts for your different smart devices to various parts of your hand. Here's how it works.

These are the five coolest things we saw at the 2017 Luxury Technology Show

The 2017 Luxury Technology Show was made up of more than toys for the super-rich. Here are the highlights of the coolest and most innovative gadgets we saw -- some of which are surprisingly affordable.

This $36,000 safe is what Bruce Wayne would use for his watch collection

If you're lucky enough to have a large, valuable watch collection, you need somewhere to keep them safe and in good working order. This $36,000 Bluetooth-connected, leather-wrapped safe will do both.
Cool Tech

World's tiniest car race takes place at nanoscale, will stream live on YouTube

What could be more exciting than watching the souped-up vehicles of Formula One or Nascar racing around a track? This upcoming event features cars one million times smaller than a millimeter.
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Pressto’s Button piggybacks free cellular data to revolutionize the Internet of Things

If your IoT device only needs 182 characters of communication at a time, the Pressto button can connect from anywhere in the world, for free -- no carrier contract needed.
Cool Tech

You (almost) can't be too drunk to miss with this motion-tracking dartboard

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober spent three years perfecting a motion-tracking dartboard so every toss is a bullseye. Rober breaks down the steps so any former NASA engineer can build his or her own.
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Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Self-cleaning gym bags and coffee table Pong

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week. You can't technically buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

CityConnect is creating a ‘Pokemon Go’-style augmented reality app for cyclists

By creating an augmented reality app for cyclists, CityConnect's aim is to enhance the cycling experience with elements of game playing. Players will be rewarded for following traffic laws and acting responsibly.

Find high flying inspiration with the NYC Drone Film Festival's incredible winning videos

This year's New York Drone Film Festival featured an impressive array of winners -- get ready to fly with the winning play list right here, from drones baking a cake to flying through tight spaces.

Tired of folding laundry? Let ThreadRobe take care of that for you

ThreadRobe sorts and hangs each item. When someone requests a piece of clothing, the system returns it wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Better yet, each item is steamed fresh to a user's specifications.
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When you want to blow out workweek cobwebs, fire up the speedy Wallytender X

If you're looking for a fast day cruiser or a quick superyacht guest shuttle, the Wallytender X fills both roles nicely. The 1200 horsepower top engine configuration has will scoot between island stops at 69 miles per hour.
Cool Tech

MIT's color-changing robot 'skin' was inspired by the golden tortoise beetle

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an insect-inspired, 3D-printed robot “skin” capable of changing color in response to the physical stimuli that it receives.