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Buzz Aldrin opens Florida institute dedicated to colonizing Mars

The race to reach Mars is heating up with Buzz Aldrin launching the new Buzz Aldrin Space Institute, whose primary goal is to encourage research that leads to the future settlement of Mars.

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Stealing Apollo’s chariot: the inner workings of solar panels

Solar panels are one of the brightest methods of obtaining clean energy — especially given their energy source — but how exactly do they work in the real world? Here's a brief rundown.

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Tired of posters falling off your wall? Try Voltaglue, the voltage-dependent adhesive

A new glue is making its debut, and it even works underwater. This is because Voltaglue only hardens when an electrical charge is applied. This allows for it to remain effective even in conditions that generally render adhesives ineffective

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Want to share your mood? Do it with the wearable-first app Vibes

Enter Magic Vibes Corporation, the company that is finally paying wearables the attention they deserve when it comes to applications, and for now, its primary offering is a mood app it calls Vibes.

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Crazy driver? Self-driving cars are learning your habits on the road

Thanks to the work of Katherine Driggs-Campbell of University of California, Berkeley, self-driving cars may one day soon be able to predict when human drivers will change lanes on the road.


Ingenious 3D printed wheelchair lever makes pushing more efficient

Student team develop the Hand Drive, an affordable 3D printed attachment that turns any wheelchair into an efficient lever-powered chair.

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The white-knuckled tale of Spirit of Australia: the fastest boat in the world

In 1978, "Spirit of Australia" raced across the Tumut river, crushing previous world records and officially becoming the fastest boat in the world. Here's how it happened and what's next for pilot Ken Warby and his son, Dave.

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FAA’s new app lays down the rules for drone flights

Wonder no longer about whether you're allowed to fly a drone in your current location, because the FAA's new mobile app will tell you exactly where the nearby prohibited areas are.

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Getting sweaty, disoriented, and astonished at the world’s first VR film festival

Leave your expectations in Telluride. Participants at Kaleidescope are pushing the limits of VR technology, forging the rules of VR filmmaking, and sweating all over everything.

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How a track stand can confuse Google’s self-driving car

If you really want to cause problems for an autonomous vehicle trundling around your local streets, try performing a track stand on your bike — here's one encounter reported by a cyclist.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s a drone interrupting a monk’s sunbathing session on a wind turbine!

Despite climbing to the top of a 200-foot wind turbine in Rhode Island for some solitude, a monk found his sunbathing session interrupted by a drone, which captured footage of him and his now not-so-secret happy place.

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Red Rhino stampedes where Apple, Amazon and Roku refuse to tread: Porn.

The Rhino Box is an Android-based set top box that walks the line on serving up boatloads of content. Max of 155 characters (counting spaces)

  • Pros: Good design and solid build , Plenty of ports to work with…
  • Cons: Kodi customization somewhat limited , Tricky navigation for…

Switzerland just finished the Gotthard Base Tunnel — the longest tunnel in the world

Authorities in Switzerland officially announce construction on the longest tunnel in the world has finally finished and is scheduled to open in June 2016.

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Boeing’s newest laser cannon can destroy a UAV in two seconds flat

Boeing this week unveiled one of its latest military projects -- a drone-targeting laser cannon. Called the Compact Laser Weapon System, the weapon uses a focused laser beam to incinerate a UAV in just a few seconds.

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Apple, Motorola, and others help the Pentagon develop wearables for soldiers

The Pentagon announced FlexTech Alliance, a partnership that includes groups such as Apple, Harvard University, and many more in an attempt to make flexible wearable technology for soldiers, as well as develop high-tech printing technologies.