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This tiny device helps bring power to your campsite

The Inti C14 solar charging controller from Thornwave Labs is a tiny device that delivers plenty of power. The gadget is capable of putting out 400w of energy, which is enough to power an LCD television or mini-fridge at your campsite.
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Plant a Wind Tree in your neighborhood to generate energy from low-speed wind

French startup Newwind has a different take on generating wind energy. Instead of huge wind farms, Newwind creates wind turbine '"trees" for urban use. The Wind Trees use small leaf turbines that can generate energy from wind…
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Neural networks? Machine learning? Here's your secret decoder for AI buzzwords

Don't know your machine learning from your evolutionary algorithms? Worried every time you sit on a bus in case Google's Larry Page sits down next to you with a pop quiz? Our handy AI buzzword guide is here to help.
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John Glenn, first U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth, longtime senator, dies at 95

John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth has passed away at the age of 95. Glenn was the last survivor of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, the group chosen by NASA in 1959 as its first crew to travel into space.

Earth Networks’ smart home sensor will keep tabs on all your ‘dumb’ appliances

Earth Networks, a company which operates the world’s largest lightning detection network, has an unlikely new goal: making your home appliances smarter. And they've built a smart sensor to help.

Spy games: Could your kids’ toys be conducting surveillance on them?

Those big brown eyes of your child's favorite teddy bear may not be as innocuous as they seem. That, at least, is the charge being levied by a number of privacy groups, who believe connected toys could be spying on kids.
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Smart camera software can monitor your vital signs just by looking at you

This startup is taking health monitoring tech to the next level with smart camera tech capable of monitoring a person’s vital signs from across the room, without ever touching them.

Going once, going twice: Nazi Enigma Machine auctioned off at record price

A rare and fully operational Enigma Machine was auctioned off for a record price of $463,500 yesterday at Bonhams History of Science and Technology Sale. The sale surpassed the previous record of $350,000, which was set in 2015.

Wearable device helps steady hand of designer who has Parkinson’s disease

A graphic designer diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at 29 has regained the ability to draw and write thanks to a wearable device designed by Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research Cambridge's innovation director.
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See what your skin is hiding with Skintuition visualization technology

It's the largest organ in our body, and it also houses the most secrets. But now, new technology from Cambridge Consultants wants to unlock some of the mysteries hidden by our skin.
Cool Tech

This Geckobot will have your kids climbing the walls

The Geckobot is a 176-piece kit that you snap together to build a wall climbing robotic gecko, but it may prove frustrating for kids.

Light’s 16-lens camera gets another spec bump, won’t ship till April at the earliest

Light said on Wednesday its revolutionary L16 camera should go into mass production "early in the second quarter of 2017," with shipping starting soon after. The new date signifies another delay, though hopefully this will be the…