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This Kickstarter is a literal toss-up: AER lets you throw your GoPro for aerial shots

No money for the Karma? This Kickstarter project gives your GoPro wings for a two-digit price tag. The AER is essentially a foam football for your GoPro, but the sample footage looks surprisingly steady -- and incredibly fun.

Sky-high electricity bill? Four ways to measure home energy consumption

Want to measure the energy and electricity your house uses? We have the best ways to do it, from meters to apps, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it.

Google’s Project Loon runs test of balloon-based internet service over Peru

Google's Project Loon initiative aims to supply internet access to remote locations via high-tech balloons, one of which spent the summer flying high over Peru to test out navigation systems.
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NASA-inspired indoor gardens may make at-home farming easier and healthier

Farming ain’t easy. It takes care, plenty of space, and no shortage of hard work. That makes homegrown produce a luxury for most city dwellers. But a company called Click & Grow wants to make at-home farming as easy as pressing a button.
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U.S. Navy is sponsoring fish robot project to help develop underwater vehicles

Could studying the locomotion of fish be the key to developing more versatile underwater vehicles and robotics systems? The U.S. Navy certainly thinks so, and it is sponsoring a fish robot to prove it.
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Blue Origin has set a date for a crucial midair safety test that’ll likely blow up its rocket

As part of its efforts to build a reusable rocket system for tourist trips into space and more, Blue Origin has announced it'll perform a crucial safety test on October 4 that'll likely end with the destruction of its New Shepard…
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Watch MegaBots’ massive fighting robot get bashed up by a wrecking ball

MegaBots' giant fighting robot is certainly tough, but will it be tough enough to take down Team Japan's mean-looking Kuratas robot? In preparation for the upcoming battle, MegaBots has been giving its bot a bashing to see just…
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Beijing's silver-plated 'Smog Free Tower' turns pollution into carbon cubes

The tower is part of the Smog Free Project, a clean air initiative led by Dutch artist designer Daan Roosegaarde, who refers to the structure as “the largest electronic vacuum cleaner in the world.”
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If 007 had a powerboat, it would probably look a lot like Aston Martin's new AM37

If you close your eyes and try to imagine the perfect boat for James Bond, what you imagine may be close to but not as cool as the Aston Martin AM37. It's sleek and fast, and at night carbon panels slide to enclose the deck for private…
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Surprisingly flexible 3D-printed bones could be used for treating fractures

Scientists have demonstrated a new, 3D-printed hyperelastic “bone" that could be used in bone implants and grafts to help mend a variety of bone-related injuries. And it's surprisingly flexible.
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Musician builds awesome Arduino-powered MIDI controller, and so can you

YouTuber Alex Coover, aka Glacial Geyser has build an awesome Arduino-powered MIDI controller to help with his budding music career. And he's even passed the instructions on to the rest of us.