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Cool Tech

This smart lamp lets you record and then replay your favorite sunlight

Imagine if you could effectively bottle up a particularly beautiful sunset and instantly recreate it from the comfort of your living room. That's the idea behind this nifty light-recording lamp.
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LED streetlights save cities millions, but raise health issues — and urban residents hate them

Though popular with city officials, LED lights are a source of angst for residents who dislike the bluish tinge, complain of nighttime glaring and are concerned about the potential adverse effect on human and wildlife behavior.
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Scandinavian cool: Inside Facebook’s Arctic data center

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared the first detailed look inside the firm's Lulea data center, located just 70 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The massive facility is the size of six football fields.
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The world’s biggest tech giants go all in on AI

The biggest names in tech are teaming up to form a new organization dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of machine learning. The Partnership on AI is a non-profit whose members include Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and…

Would you like your Amazon Prime delivery left inside your door?

August smart locks and Garageio connected garage door openers are being tested with an unnamed Seattle-based retailer for in-home package delivery service. Best guess? Amazon is prepping another home delivery option for Prime members.
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Motion-sensing LED light will banish memories of dingy garages forever

Have you ever noticed how dingy the typical garage is? A new Kickstarter wants to change that with a motion-sensing powerhouse of a ceiling light that will flood your garage with LED goodness.
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Social media posts can help predict pollution in some of the world’s biggest cities

A new study by researchers at Rice University analyzed millions of posts on social media in Beijing to find out whether microblogging can double as a proxy measurement system for airborne pollution.
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This film wasn't just shot entirely with drones, but with drones on autopilot

A drone love story, shot entirely by autonomous drones? That's the premise behind a new film debuting at the London Film Festival next weekend and while the drone love story may be science fiction, the automated drone…

Lifelogging pioneer The Narrative Clip to shutter over financial troubles

The Narrative Clip, one of the pioneers of the idea of lifelogging (capturing and recording your life automatically), has notified customers that the company has filed for a voluntary dissolution -- they are closing up shop.

GoTenna Mesh relays your messages when there's no cell signal

GoTenna, a Brooklyn-based hardware startup, is out with its second product -- GoTenna Mesh. The device is on Kickstarter today, and it lets you communicate with another GoTenna user even when there's no cell signal.
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Nissan’s self-driving chair lets you snooze or schmooze while waiting in line

Nissan's ProPilot Chair applies the lane keeping and collision avoidance technology from autonomous cars to chairs in waiting lines. Take a seat and your chair will keep you in the queue while you read, chat, or nap.
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No glasses, no goggles: Volume uses ‘lightfolding’ to create 3D images in a box

Forget headsets and special glasses. Volume, a new type of 3D computer display, lets you view 3D objects and scenes with a group. The initial release, intended primarily for developers, works with current 3D and 2D creation tools.