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Cool Tech

Explosive new findings: Farting shown to play a role in regulating your brain and behavior

Fart and you will be happy. According to research published in the journal Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, the gasses in your farts may be acting as "gasotransmitters that affect your brain, mind, and behavior."

The 6 best women’s gadget bags for form, function, and fashion

People should be able to judge your (Mac)book by its cover. Check out our picks for the best gadget bags for women, so you can finally pick up a purse that combines form, function, and undisputed style.
Health & Fitness

Tiny exoskeleton helps babies avoid cerebral palsy, makes them look like Dr. Octopus

Infants at risk of cerebral palsy are getting a bit of support from a skateboard, robot, and machine-learning algorithm at the University of Oklahoma, where a team of researchers have embarked on the third version of an innovative effort.
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Ice Bucket Challenge shows real-world value by funding new ALS-related gene discovery

After raising some $115 million in donations, the Ice Bucket Challenge funded six ALS studies. One of the studies has identified the NEK1 gene and its association with the disease in a discovery that makes the viral trend seem all the more…

You don’t have to take off this camera bag to grab your gear

The Wolffepack Capture is a unique camera backpack designed to be accessible without ever having to take it off your back. To do this, it uses a patented "trapeze" technology.
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Study shows the human eye is capable of detecting a single photon

A study published by Nature Communications suggests the human eye is capable of detecting the smallest known particle of light -- a single photon. The sample size was small, but the results were statistically significant.

Facebook makes good on promise to open-source its 360-degree camera

Facebook has finally released all the details on its 360-degree camera, which the company announced at the F8 conference in April. As of today, all you need to build your own Surround 360 can be found on GitHub, if you can afford the…
Movies & TV

‘Game of Thrones’ VFX team shares its secrets in a behind-the-scenes video

Visual effects studio Rising Sun Pictures has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible amount of compositing, grading, and more that went into creating season six of HBO's Game of Thrones.
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3D-printing startup creates organ replicas using MRI data to help train surgeons

Startup Biomodex uses proprietary algorithms to turn medical imaging data into ultra-realistic organ replicas to help train surgeons. "This is a game-changer,” company founder Thomas Marchand tells Digital Trends.

Turn your favorite fruits into cider, wine, or mead with the Alchema brewer

Launched via Kickstarter this week, Alchema is the countertop brewer that lets anyone turn literally any kind of fruit into delicious batches of perfectly fermented cider, mead, or wine in a mere matter of weeks.
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This $75 camera drone fits in the palm of your hand, comes with a set of first-person view goggles

Aerix's new VIDIUS VR is the world’s smallest virtual reality drone -- which not only measures a scant 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm, but has an equally tiny price tag to match. At just $75, how can you go wrong?
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Scientists say they can tell how smart you are by analyzing MRI scans of your brain

More dynamic brains with more interactive regions correlate with higher IQs and creativity their subjects, according to research by Warwick’s Professor Jianfeng Feng who published a paper in the Oxford University journal Brain.