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This stunning video shows San Francisco from 90,000 feet in the air

Five San Francisco-based friends recently sent a tech-laden weather balloon 90,000-feet into the sky. The resulting footage from its five on-board cameras, including Sony's a7S shooter, is spectacular to say the least.
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Finally, a machine that turns tweets into cocktails

Whether or not you've wondered what tweets might taste like, a machine now exists that answers that question. Called Data Cocktail, the contraption works with recent tweets and six ingredients to knock out a drink in under a…

Hackers could throw off our power grid by manipulating our AC units

In a rather terrifying discovery, researchers have found an alarming vulnerability in our security system, and it's one that can be found in most American homes and offices -- the air conditioner.
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For the first time ever, scientists have reanimated a cryogenically frozen mammal brain

Researches have won a prize that aimed to prove that mammalian brains can be cryogenically frozen without decay. Are human brains far behind?
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This drone can automatically follow forest trails to track down lost hikers

A team of researchers at the University of Zurich just announced that they've developed a drone software that's capable of identifying and following man-made trails. They intend to use it in the future to help find lost hikers.
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The first legit hoverboard just got a lower price and a new video

Hoverboards have gotten a bad rap lately, what with their spontaneous combusting and faulty batteries, but now, ArcaBoard is here to set the record straight ... and also show you what a real hoverboard looks like.
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With no vaccine available, biologists consider using controversial 'gene-drive' technique to stop Zika

A gene drive to introduce mass DNA changes to the aedes aegypti mosquito species could remove the threat of Zika virus. The technology could be completed much sooner than a vaccine, but it is faced with heavy ecological controversy.
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This super-flexible search and rescue robot was inspired by the American cockroach

A prototype for a new kind of safety robot was inspired by the flexible exoskeleton of the American cockroach. The robot will report to search and rescue experts about survivors trapped under rubble, and inform extraction plans…

Think your processor is quick? It has nothing on this 7GHz, overclocked Intel Skylake

How fast is your computer's CPU? One Hong Kong overclocker managed to push his new Skylake CPU beyond 7GHz, a record for Intel's latest processor generation.
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Give up, humanity. This robot can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 1 second 0:50

There's a new arms race going on in the world, and this one involves robots. Far more entertaining than the Cold War, this supercharged and super fast competition involves a bunch of robot makers and a bunch of Rubik's cubes.
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North Korean satellite nonfunctional and ‘tumbling in orbit’ following weekend launch

North Korea successfully deployed the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite in orbit, reports CNN. According to U.S. Department of Defense officials who were monitoring the launch, the spacecraft reached its orbit, but is tumbling and nonfunctional…

Amazon may have a secret mission to take on UPS and Fedex

Amazon is reportedly considering developing its own independent shipping business that would control the flow of goods from manufacturers straight to consumers' homes, Bloomberg reports.