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The Gululu Interactive Water Bottle wants to keep your kids hydrated

To help the smallest members of your family (and let's be honest, you as well) drink enough water, there's a new interactive water bottle that turns water intake into a game -- the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle.
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Filmmakers create epic Star Wars dogfight with FPV drones and 3D printed cockpits

The filmmakers at Corridor Digital have outdone themselves with their latest video creating an epic Star Wars dogfight with FPV drones and 3D-printed cockpits. And in a follow-up to the dogfight film, they also released a…
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Watch the Navy’s LOCUST launcher fire reconaissance drones like they’re missiles

Not to be outdone by the military’s other branches, the Navy has developed swarming drones at the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The drones can be launched into flight in single file, but in quick succession, before grouping…
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One of the first hyperloops may have pods made of ‘Vibranium’ – no joke

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies recently announced that it will build its Hyperloop capsules out of a material called "Vibranium." Marvel fans will recognize that name as the same substance that Captain America's shield is made of…
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New tech could bring a splash of color to your monochrome e-reader

Researchers at E Ink Holdings have developed a new technique that could lead to e-ink displays with better color reproduction. Better yet, it's got none of the downsides associated with color e-ink displays currently on the market.

6 underrated Google projects you may have missed

Google had a busy keynote, with the announcement of Google Home, Google Assistant, Android N, two chat apps, a VR platform, and more. But here's a look at some cooler projects that were left out.

MIT’s NuTonomy aims to bring self-driving taxis to Singapore by 2018

NuTonomy is advancing driverless car technology on many fronts, including retrofitting cars in the U.S. and prepping a fleet of taxis for Singapore. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company is also testing driverless cars in the…
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Harvard scientists just figured out how to make their robotic bee 'perch' on objects to save energy

At less than four thousandths of an ounce, the RoboBee is tinier than a real bee, and small even for MAV standards. Its size enables the machine to perch on surfaces using electrostatic adhesion.
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Laser scan analysis reveals that trees ‘sleep’ at night, perk up to catch sunlight during day

Feel like the forest is closing in on you at night? That creepy feeling you experience may be more than just your imagination. A new research study from Hungary suggests our forest friends may be resting their limbs at night by allowing…

Police departments in smaller cities getting real-time street surveillance centers

High tech street surveillance centers are coming to smaller cities to fight crime. Often funded by drug forfeiture money and federal grants, the tech centers enable real-time information transfer to officers on the street.
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Some crazy California distillery is making vodka with San Francisco’s fog

Fog is familiar to Bay Area residents, whose days are often graced by the famous phenomenon. Now, thanks to Hangar 1’s Fog Point vodka, people from around the world can enjoy the low-hanging clouds late at night as well.
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Meet TWIRL, and the storm chasers who planted sensors in the heart of a twister

This spring, researchers will comb the central United States in search of tornadoes and purposely put themselves in harm's way. Why? To improve forecasts and lessen their destructive impact.