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Cool Tech

Underwater virtual reality will give you anything but a sinking feeling

What would happen if you combine VR with sensory deprivation tanks? That idea helped spawn this unique waterproof headset, which could help simulate sensations like weightlessness.
Virtual Reality

New VR game lets you experience the sinking of the Titanic, and explore the wreckage too

Titanic VR puts gamers in the role of a survivor onboard the ship prior to its sinking and aboard a submersible exploring the wreckage. The developers have turned to research books and thousands of pages documents to ensure…
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Holographic 3D printer uses lasers to print thousands of times faster than its rivals 1:10

Think you've seen it all when it comes to 3D printing? Daqri's forthcoming hologram-powered 3D printer carries out its prints using green lasers and a tub of goo. Oh, and it's super fast, too.
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NASA just discovered 7 Earth-sized exoplanets, 3 in the habitable zone of a dwarf star

Seven Earth-sized planets have been discovered around a star 39 light-years away. Three of these were found to orbit the star’s goldilocks zone, the single largest haul of habitable zone planets around a single star.

Here's how Qualcomm wants to bring 5G to the masses

5G is well and truly on its way, and while carriers toil away on their development, Qualcomm could be a driving force in the new tech. In fact, the company has successfully tested a number of 5G-related technologies.
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Progress in brain-computer interface gives paralyzed patients more control

Working with three paralyzed patients, researchers have implanted tiny silicone sensors into the subjects’ brains, allowing them to eavesdrop on the electrical activity of brain cells.

Skyrunner is back with a new soaring off-road machine, at a higher price

The SkyRunner all-terrain flying machine will get you high in the sky for an equally sky-high $139,000 price tag. If you have the money, though, there’s no quicker way to get air.

Poor mobile service? Just look to the sky for drones and blimps that will help

On Tuesday, British mobile carrier EE debuted a new plan to use its own patent-pending balloon- and drone-based mobile coverage solutions in order to provide service for its most rural customers.
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AI photography studio highlights how robots are slowly hijacking nearly every profession

StyleShoots Live is a “smart studio” that captures still photos and live action videos, taking care of all the technical tasks — from lighting to setting up shots — and using algorithms to edit videos in a matter of minutes.
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The Airport Jacket lets you wear your luggage to beat excess baggage fees

Fed up with paying excess baggage fees every time you fly? Then the Airport Jacket may be just the ticket. The unique design features 14 big pockets and can even transform into a handy bag (for when you board the plane).
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Watch this UPS truck launch a drone on a delivery run

UPS knows that strict flight regulations mean drone deliveries in urban areas are still a ways off. So it's converted one of its trucks into a drone launch vehicle that it hopes to one day use in rural areas.
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Crazy new color-changing hair dye responds to shifts in temperature

How cool would it be to have hair that can change color from black to red to blue to blonde depending on the temperature? Thanks to a U.K.-based chemist, such a hair dye now exists.