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Facial-recognition tech takes on Beijing’s toilet paper thieves

What do you do if you run a popular tourist site and locals keep stealing the toilet paper from the restrooms? Build a toilet-paper dispenser with facial recognition technology to stop them taking it all, that's what.
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Scientists use big data to develop a ‘promising’ blood test for autism disorder

Scientists at New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed an algorithm that can accurately predict whether a child has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It's based on a blood sample.
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Innovative startup turns old fishing nets into new 3D-printer materials

Whether you’re looking to save the planet or just need new 3D-printing materials, you'll find something to like about this U.K. startup, which is turning old fishing nets into 3D-printer filaments.
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Meet Samantha: a smart sex robot that you need to seduce before you get busy

Are you interested in forming a relationship with a sex robot that can show off emotions and even spout a bit of philosophy? If so -- and you have $5,374 to spend -- Samantha could be the doll for you.
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Scientists re-create a devastating tornado using a supercomputer simulation

Scientists used a supercomputer to re-create a supercell storm in an effort to understand its structure and mechanisms. Most importantly, they wanted to know why certain storms create such intense tornadoes.
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Neuroscientists can tell if you knowingly committed a crime based on brain scans

Neuroscientists have found that brain images reveal whether someone committed a crime knowingly or recklessly. It may seem like a small distinction but it could have a significant impact on the burgeoning field of “neurolaw.”

WebMD’s Health Pregnancy Study to recruit participants via Apple’s Research Kit

WebMD's Pregnancy health app will soon offer more than medical advice. The company's tapping Apple's ResearchKit to recruit participants for the Health Pregnancy Study, a long-term effort to track symptoms and impacts.

With its 93-mile range, Stealth’s P-7 electric bike takes you there and back again

Electric bikes offer a solution for city cycling by mixing manual pedaling with a powered ride. The new Stealth P-7 stands out from the pack with an impressive range, versatility, and durability.

The BarkBath gets your dog clean without making a mess of your bathroom

Cleaning a dog in the bath can be stressful for the owner as well as the animal. The portable BarkBath is a $150 machine that its maker claims can get the job done quickly and without making a mess.

Google Assistant can now help you operate the Neato robotic vacuum

For anyone who owns one of Neato Robotics' Botvac Connected series, the company has announced integration with Google Assistant. Now users will be able to control their robot vacuum with their voice.
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Hold on tight! Video shows passenger jet pilot fighting extreme winds

YouTube has numerous videos showing aircraft coming in to land in windy conditions, but this one is different in that it shows the pilot close-up in the final stages before the plane's wheels touch down.