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Envelope internet: Google's Project Loon balloons can now hover in place

Google's latest navigational update for its balloon-powered Project Loon internet access points means that those same balloons can now effectively hover over certain regions, providing consistent -- rather than fleeting --…
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Algorithm predicts autism diagnosis in young children with 81 percent accuracy

A team of researchers have developed a deep learning algorithm that can accurately predict whether a child at high risk of autism is likely to be diagnosed with the disorder in early childhood.
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A desktop vacuum former on Kickstarter will complete any craft space

Looking for the next manufacturing or rapid prototyping tool for your home makerspace? This digital desktop vacuum former, available for pre-order on Kickstarter, could be what you're searching for.
Cool Tech

Bioengineers share their biobot blueprints with the world

Five years ago, the team of bioengineers developed bio-bots that could move thanks to a power supply provided by rat heart cells. Now, the team wants to help other bioengineers build biobots of their own.

Trends with Benefits: Elon Musk is boring a hole under LA, would you take a pilot-less flying taxi? 32:24

Why is Elon Musk digging a tunnel underneath LA? Is The Boring Company really legit? Will either tunneling or flying taxi's be a true solution to congested traffic? We have answers on this week's episode of Trends with Benefits.
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3D-printed miniature camera sees the world the way a bird of prey does

Do you want a camera inspired by the way that eagles and other winged predators see the world? Then check out this new miniature camera setup, capable of being 3D-printed onto a chip.
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Windshield technology just got smarter thanks to ProActive Wipers

Smart windshield technology uses cameras, radar, and rain sensors to predict when your car is going to get splashed by a vehicle coming in the other direction. Then it turns on your wipers.

Imagining the Future: An Interview with Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow's first science fiction novel for adults in eight years, Walkaway, envisions a utopian future where a post-scarcity society's "walkaways" are using technology to make their lives better.
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Valley that shows signs of flooding may be key to identifying past life on Mars

Mars has a new hot spot for exploration, according to a team of researchers who’ve identified a region that shows signs it was once flooded with water. The region may offer a prime spot to explore for signs of past life on the red…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Apple relocates WWDC 2017, expect to see iOS 11 2:28

The iPhone came into existence 10 years ago, so what will Apple do to mark the anniversary of its revolutionary smartphone? Our first hints will be at WWDC 2017 with the debut of iOS 11.
Virtual Reality

Check out the White House and Air Force One in VR via Google Arts & Culture

Thanks to a new partnership between Google Arts & Culture and no fewer than 30 cultural institutions, the internet giant is bringing you a huge update to the American Democracy collection.
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DJI teams up with world’s biggest model aviation group for new programs

A new partnership between DJI and the Academy of Model Aeronautics could mean new opportunities for both AMA members and DJI fans. The partnership could help boost programs for youth and public safety officials.