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LG is reportedly taking on Samsung with a foldable phone of its own

It looks like Samsung has some competition -- LG is reportedly working on a foldable phone to be released sometime next year. In fact, the company is said to have outfitted one of its factories to mass produce these foldable phones.
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Revolutionary new brain map identifies nearly 100 new regions

Researchers involved with the Human Connectome Project have announced that they’ve created a brand-new map of the brain that doubles the total number of areas previously identified in the cortex.
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Facebook's giant, internet-serving drone just completed its first full-scale test flight

The first test flight of Facebook's internet-serving drone was a success. The company cautions that there's quite a bit of work left to do, including getting permission to fly the drones in the first place.

Blincam brings the blink-to-shoot feature to a regular pair of glasses

A Japanese crowdfunding project is looking to bring the blink-to-shoot feature to a pair of plain glasses. While it's too early to tell if it will solve the issues raised by other blink cameras, the Blincam has grabbed the…

This magnetically levitating cup is the most badass beverage container the world has ever seen

Launched via Kickstarter this week, the LevitatingCUP ousts traditional coasters in favor of a device that allows cups to levitate effortlessly. The device makes use of magnets and electricity to pull off the feat.
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Ingestible ‘Origami Robots’ may one day perform microsurgery inside you 2:43

Researchers have developed a swallowable robot capable of unfolding inside someone's stomach and then patching wounds, dislodging foreign objects, or even potentially carrying out microsurgery on soft tissue.
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DJI unveils real-time wildfire geofencing tech for drones

DJI has teamed up with AirMap to introduce some exciting new live geofencing update functionality for its drones, which will now get live wildfire updates from the U.S. Department of the Interior.
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Don’t walk through the airport, ride on your motorized luggage with Modobag

Why walk through an airport when you can ride? That's the idea behind Modobag, the world's first rideable travel bag. Moving at speeds up to 8 mph, the Indiegogo-funded suitcase will deliver you to your terminal in an instant.

Honda's future autonomous cars may be just like KITT

If SoftBank and Honda's partnership pays off, the inside of the autonomous car of the future won't be a quiet, lonely place, because it may be home to the super intelligent offspring of Pepper and Asimo.
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Kickstarter project wants to use drones to rid the world of land mines in 10 years

This audacious Kickstarter project plans to rid the world of landmines in 10 years. And, naturally, it involves a 3D-mapping system as well as autonomous drones with robotic arms.
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Amazon wants to turn street lights and church steeples into drone docking stations

Amazon appears to have a grand plan for its Prime Air drone delivery service. A recently awarded patent suggests it's looking to turn the top of street lights, cell towers, and even church steeples into docking stations for its flying…
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Disney Research develops method to capture 3D facial performances with a single camera

Disney Research has devised a method to render an actor's facial performance in 3D with a single camera. The simplified technique, which could benefit future movies and video games, works with virtually any camera, including an iPhone.