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Cool Tech

‘You need things like straps’ when it comes to sex in space, says Neil DeGrasse Tyson

What requires straps, a lot of determination, and two consenting individuals? Sex in space, of course. "Everything is different when you are having sex in a weightless environment," Tyson explained.
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Tame your rumpled shirt pile with ThreadStax, a magnetic storage solution

If you've given up on keeping your closet tidy, ThreadStax wants to come to the rescue. It's a storage system for folded clothes that snaps together with magnets and keeps things in neat piles.
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Australia’s most populous state just made it illegal to possess plans for 3D printed guns

The Australian state of New South Wales has made it illegal to possess plans for 3D printed guns, and violators could face up to 14 years in prison for running afoul of the law.
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Jeff Bezos aerospace startup Blue Origin makes first successful rocket landing on Earth 3:13

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos made his first tweet since launching a Twitter account in 2008 to celebrate Blue Origin's successful rocket landing. The rocket managed to land back on Earth successfully, a first in the aerospace…
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Diamond nanothreads to join graphene as the world’s next wonder material

With its potential for ductility, the recently discovered diamond nanothread is poised to compete with graphene as the world's next wonder material. Its ductility is "ideal for the creation of extremely strong three-dimensional…
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The first 3D-printed revolver fires 8 shots, just add a roofing nail and elastic

James Patrick is bound to turn some heads with his PM522 Washbear revolver, the world's first 3D-printed repeating firearm capable of firing up to 8 bullets without stopping to reload.
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Drone registration looms as task force outlines its recommendations

The Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation on Monday took a big step toward unveiling its consumer drone registry. The task force has just reported its recommendations, with the system expected to launch in the…

This home-friendly biodigester lets you turn food scraps into usable cooking gas 2:33

Use HomeBiogas to convert kitchen waste into usable cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. It's the ultimate in self-sustained sustainability, making it easier than ever for families in even the most urban of environments to go green.

Brompton Bikes launches Instagram film contest for city explorers 1:12

Foldable-bicycle specialist Brompton is offering the chance to win some free travel and bikes in a short-film contest judged by Guy Ritchie, among others. All you have to do is enter a 15-second video with the theme "unseen city"…

Your morning coffee could recharge you and your phone soon with Ikea’s Heat Harvest idea 2:38

Thanks to an idea known as Heat Harvest, recently developed at the Ikea-run research lab Space10 in Copenhagen, we may soon be able to purchase tables that harvest heat generated by coffee cups and turn it into electrical energy.
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China and the U.S. just set up a ‘space hotline’ to communicate

The most famous hotline of the hour may be Drake's "Hotline Bling, but it may soon be unseated by another hotline -- the space hotline set up between the United States and China to avoid potential interstellar conflicts.