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Cool Tech

Meet TWIRL, and the storm chasers who planted sensors in the heart of a twister

This spring, researchers will comb the central United States in search of tornadoes and purposely put themselves in harm's way. Why? To improve forecasts and lessen their destructive impact.
Cool Tech

When traffic snarls up, China’s street-straddling concept bus zooms above it all

How should we sustainably travel shorter distance across congested cities? An innovative public transport design, revisited over the weekend at the 19th international High-Tech Expo in Beijing, might provide a solution.
Cool Tech

Australian ranchers are turning to farm robots to manage livestock in the Outback

Lack of human resources and remarkable expanse of land in the outback has lead Australian engineers to develop a farmbot designed to herd and monitor livestock, while scanning the ground’s color and texture to determine the…

Is your dog feeling ill? Does he need to go potty? Tracy Trackers use AI to tell you

Tracy Trackers aren't your average pet wearable -- the device uses artificial intelligence to monitor your dog's sleeping, eating, and drinking patterns to give you an overview of your dog's health. The best part? It gets better…

Researchers break wireless bandwidth record with 6-gigabit connection

A German research team has broken new ground in wireless data communication by achieving the highest transmission rate to date while beaming information across a span of 23 miles.

OtterBox jumps on the modular train with a stylish iPhone case

OtterBox is doing something different with its new Universe Case System: modules. It still offers some decent protection, but swapping out upgrades is the priority. The amount of module support puts LG's G5 and Friends platform to shame.

Cirrent will connect your smart home devices to the internet right out of the box

Launching this week at Connections in San Francisco, Cirrent's new service allows for easier and safer Wi-Fi connections for smart home products. The company offers quick connections as soon as a device is unboxed.

Adonit’s Pixel stylus offers unique features when paired with compatible apps

Adonit has introduced a new stylus that works best when paired with compatible apps via Bluetooth. You'll get features to offset correction, accidental palm rejection, along with access to shortcut buttons like undo, redo, and…

Pebble kickstarts two new smartwatches, plus the screenless Core

Pebble may have recently laid off 25 percent of its workforce, but the company is trying to revive growth with three new devices on Kickstarter. Meet the Pebble Time 2, the Pebble 2, and the company's first non-smartwatch, the Pebble Core.
Health & Fitness

Miracle medical moment as legally blind man sees with bionic eye

After 40 years of limited vision following a fungal infection, John Jameson now can see again thanks to a breakthrough surgery that placed a small telescope in his eye. The crowning moment was when Jameson saw his wife for the first time.

Indoor air is five times as polluted as outdoor air, but Molekule can help

Rather than just filter and trap indoor pollutants, Molekule smart home indoor air purifier breaks them down into harmless molecular particles. Molekule can clean the air in a 600-square-foot room in 60 minutes.