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Cool Tech

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs wants to help modernize cities across the U.S.

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs, an incubator of urban technologies, is extending its metro modernization effort to 16 cities later this year. They join Columbus, Ohio, where the startup began deploying infrastructure earlier in 2016.
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FormLabs Form 2 Review

With the Form 2, 3D printing is finally as simple as it was always supposed to be.

Powerwall for all: Tesla turns to Panasonic for increased photovoltaic production

American automaker Tesla turned to frequent collaborator Panasonic yet again to increase its production of photovoltaic cells and modules, expanding its ability to bring solar energy solutions to a wider market.
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Looking to clear the air? Check out the best dehumidifiers on the market

From closets to warehouses, these excellent dehumidifiers will keep you (and your belongs) cool no matter what the weather is like.

3D-printed basket earrings will catch your falling wireless AirPods

Micro 3D printer company M3D has created a pair of mini basket earrings, which promise to catch Apple's futuristic AirPod earbuds when they fall out of your ears. Here is how you can get your hands on them.

Microsoft's new speech recognition system achieves human parity in audible words

Microsoft created a speech recognition system that has reached a historic milestone -- human parity in recognizing natural spoken language. Its word error rate was tested at 5.9 percent -- the same as a human transcriber.
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If everything goes as planned, here's how the ESA's Mars lander will touch down tomorrow

On October 19, the European Space Agency (ESA) will reach a milestone on its groundbreaking mission to Mars. The agency will land the Schiaparelli module on the planet as part of a technology demonstration and data collecting…

Misfit's Phase is a stealthy smartwatch with a classic style

Combining digital alerts and monitoring, Misfit's Phase smartwatch looks like a classic timepiece but keeps you informed and in control. It's paired with a smartphone the Phase receives phone, text, and activity alerts.

Joy is a $500 tablet that’s a curated digital frame for your photos

The CEO of Joy wants to make digital photo albums better. His solution? A $500 tablet that can only act as a digital frame for your curated albums. It's 13.3 inches, and is meant to sit in your home on its wireless charger.

Kiën’s unique LED strip lights are encased in concrete and app controlled

It's not only the humble lightbulb that has been given the smart treatment. A new Kickstarter campaign features smart strip lights, which use energy saving LED lamps inside, combined with a sleek body made from unusual materials.
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How the Alternative Limb Project is transforming prosthetics into an astonishing artform

The Alternative Limb Project is transforming the medium of prosthetics into the ultimate form of self-expression, by blurring the line between everyday prostheses and body modification.